Monday, December 15, 2008

Finally! The Living Room Is Done!

Okay, here it is ... at least, here is the showpiece of our little living room.
Be sure and check out the old "before" pictures way down in this post.

The floor shines again!!
Not for long probably ... there is a big dog in the house, but for now anyway ...
Coping the edge of the wainscoating boards to fit the uneven fireplace rock edge was a challenge, but I just took it slow, a nibble here, a nibble there.
Hmmmm ... where was I?
Oh yes ...

A little bit of moulding goes a long way in accenting a room.
The only trim in this room before the remodel were the baseboards.
The windows weren't framed either ... all these years and we just sort of lived with it.

Our new couch, old rocker (soon to go) and our naked Christmas tree.
The tree was decorated ... actually the whole room was decorated yesterday ... those pics are forthcoming.

Here are the before pics that I posted back in June (?).

I'm tossing them in here just for contrast.

Just getting started.

Paint's done, old tile is off the hearth and backerboard is being applied.

A view of the horrible drywall job I did when I closed off a T-shaped passageway from the living room to another room.
This is the wall that now has floor to ceiling pine paneling.

And this final pic was the very first day since I'm doing the prepaint washdown of the old walls.
That seems like a long time ago ... actually, I suppose it was, huh?
Last night, the family was cozily watching a movie in the finished, Christmas decorated room and it didn't seem like such a long journey after all.
... now to refinish that hallway floor.
Tomorrow we get back to nature around here with a look at some birds on an empty, wintery beach.
See you there.


Susan said...

Now you have a VERY NICE "upscale country" livingroom.


Dani said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Great workmanship FC!

David said...

Dadgum...that's impressive.

Nice work

Sharon said...

That is GORGEOUS!! Fantastic job. You are handy to have around! LOL

Just the Right Size said...

You did an amazing job! Give yourself a big-ol' pat on the back; that's some hard work!

I also think the panneling makes the room look much bigger.

Good job!

kathy a. said...

man, that's a lot of work! looks lovely, though.

hope your holidays are wonderful.

Jenny said...

Wow - great job! I love the moulding and of course the stone fireplace and the floors - it's all wonderful! We recently finished laying wood floors in our house, so I know the patience you must have had throughout this process. Almost has a warm, inviting log cabin feel.

Sayre said...

That's just beautiful! So... when are you going to come help me do MY house?

I got a wild hair yesterday as my husband and son started the Christmas decorating - and painted half the stairway. Gonna be working on it again today...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Stunning!

You must be proud of yourself!!

Can't wait to see it with a glowing tree!


robin andrea said...

Wow, fc, you did a fantastic job. It looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The fireplace looks SO different. You did a great job.

May you have many happy holidays (and just ordinary days too) in your new room.

Lady Jane said...

Wow.. very impressive! Since you're living in my dream home, I am very happy with what you've accomplished;-)

Sandcastle Momma said...

You did good FC! The room is beautiful. That moulding really makes a difference - I may have to try some of that at my house.
The fireplace turned out really well and I especially love the mantle.
Great job!

Laura said...

That was a LOT of workkkk. And I know firsthand just how relieved you are to have that drywall done! Congrats! The entire room looks warm and cozy, and just beautiful!

Deb said...

Congrats FC on a job well done! It's beautiful!

Do you clip your dogs' claws? I'm debating whether to do it to Sally, I'm getting tired of the noise on the unfinished floor and the scratches on the finished.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! Definitely dressed up huh?

Thanks. Learn by doing I guess.

Thanks pal.

I have to earn my keep. Thanks for the kind words.

Just Right,
Thanks, I thought the same thing about the paneling ... definitely gives an appearance of a larger room.

Kathy A,
Thank you! It was, but now it's done, so it doesn't seem so bad.

Thanks! That cabin feel is what we were shooting for since our house, although not log clad is very cabinesque from the outside.

Thanks. I have to tile the kitchen floor this summer and then I'm done, so just pick a date after that.
Good luck with your painting.

Glowing tree and stockings hung on mantle coming up soon!

Thanks! What does old broken toe think of it?

Thanks. It is about 180 degrees from what it was. Finally!

Lady Jane,
Thanks! Just trying to make your dream home livable. Now what color tile do you want in the kitchen?

Thanks! Glad you like the mantle cause it's up there to stay!

I value everyone's opinion, but especially yours as I know you guys are constantly remodeling and fixing things... sort of an expert opinion. :)
Glad you like it!

Thanks! Pine being a fairly soft wood, dog claws are going to groove it. I didn't even sand all of those out, just adds character to the wood ... and sweet canine memories for me.
I do clip but I'm thinking about one of those pet claw sander thingies. not much more than a dremel tool for claws.

Miz S said...

It looks REALLY AWESOME! Cozy and warm and just lovely. I like the heart thing on the [gorgeous]mantle.

edifice rex said...

That looks great FC! It's a really nice job. Ever need a job as a carpenter I can set you up. ;)

cathy S. said...

Wow! What a beautiful job. I am sure Santa will be good to you as you were obviously a good boy this year!

(firkbodi is my word verification! Who makes these things up?)

SophieMae said...

WoW! That is WAY impressive! And you got it done in time to deck the tree! WTG!

I, unfortunately, married someone who is even less handy than myownself. I have ideas, but most require saving forever to hire someone who knows what he's doing. 8-}

Floridacracker said...

Miz S,
Thanks! Cozy and warm was what we were going for.

I may have to take you up on that ... the budget crisis is hitting us hard.
Really appreciate the professional opinion and the great advice on hanging the mantle!

Cathy S,
Maybe he'll bring me new knee pads cause I've about worn these out! Glad you approve.
The word verifications have gotten more wordy lately.

I just buy a good how to book and the right tools.
And I take forever to get it done, but that's mostly due to my schedule and my rank amateur status as carpenter/mason/fill in the blank.

cndymkr / jean said...

What a great job. Seeing this makes me think there is hope for my home. I love the new color and all the wood.

Ericka said...

wow. that looks great! way to go, fc!

Pablo said...

or finished?

Bill said...

Dang man that is very nice.
I have some 50 year old hardwood floors that could use your touch. When is the next time you are going to be in St. Augustine? Just kidding.
It all looks very cool and reminds me of just how much work I have to do as soon as the Gators get done with Oklahoma. Football season takes up so much time and mental focus....

Rurality said...

It looks great! Our living room is almost exactly the same color.

Doug Taron said...

Looks great- nice work! I really like the new wall color. I also note that you are sprouting your winter plumage.

roger said...

great work there. looks to be a very comfy place. i like the "before" picture of yourself in the previous post. you've weathered well and learned a lot of carpentering skills. and it looks like you have not lost any digits in all that work.

Debbie said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! Huge difference and I know what you mean about dogs and wood floors. Our two Huskies have wrecked havoc on ours. I try to convice myself that the scratches add "character" to the wood!

rick said...

WOW do you hire out?

Anonymous said...

My how that home has changed in the 16 years since our first visit! We'll see you guys in March when we actually start the building process of our own little piece of paradise!

Anonymous said...

FC your room looks wonderful and I bet the misses is very happy with it. As we tell my granddaughter GOOD JOB. Smokin

jojo said...

WOWZA! great job. Are you for hire?

ok whats with mustache, no mustache, mustache, no mustache... :) its like a fashion accesory to you. ha.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks y'all!
No hire outs I'm afraid. My honey do list stretches out into the infinite cosmos.

Jojo, the facial hair responds to the seasons ... winter coat time now.