Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Bear, I Can't Take You With Me ...

Sorry buddy, there's just no room for you in the ... whoops, almost gave away the new Christmas Toy secret.

So careless.

I did get to play with my toy today and that is how Bear looked this morning before I left.

Nobody does "poor pitiful me" better than a lab.

I was strong though and resisted his puppy powers.
As a result, I will reveal the secret Christmas Toy and share some pictures of my adventures in Dixie County tomorrow morning.
Right now, I need to upload, I need to write, I need to get busy.
(Yes, Bear had to stay behind, but we romped before and after in the yard, so don't fall for the soulful eyes)


threecollie said...

Poor Bear.....I hope he was able to bear up....

Anonymous said...

Poor pup!

Was I close with a small boat??



Kimberlee said...

You really are a master of suspense, aren't you? I'll bet you drove (drive???) your kids crazy during the weeks leading up to Christmas!

You're right about labs having that pitiful look down...practically to a science. A cat could never pull that off. :)

Florida Beach Basics said...

Dandy new header photo! Thanks for adding my site to your list - I've done likewise. Got a nice note from Caroline in the Black Hills - gotta love those six degrees of separation. marge

amarkonmywall said...

I like this- two visits within the hour. Just don't take it for granted. With this teaser though, I'll come by in the morning and see what's what. The dog- what a wonderful face and expressions. I really like it when Bear shows up in your posts. I, too like the header photo- it's so BRIGHT down here. You just have no idea how gray the north-midwest is this time of year.

Sayre said...

Awwww... lab eyes are so emotive. Revan's got the same deal going - he can look SO pitiful!

I also know it's all bull hockey!

Can't wait to see what your new toy is!

caroline said...

Picture should be right next to the definition of "pitiful" or "woebegone" or "wretched" or "pathetic" in Webster's Unabridged!
Caroline in the Black Hills

Anonymous said...

Poor Bear! He is feeling that depressed experience of being left behind with a dimished sense of existence. LUCKY for him, you'll be back with no wall between you!

Miz S said...

Vicki is back, and that makes me happy. Perhaps I will celebrate with a post of my own. Great pictures of your travels in the post below, and I love Bear's soulful expression in this photo. Like everyone else, I am VERY CURIOUS about the new toy.

kathy a. said...

"no room in the..." -- you got a motel for christmas? and it's already all rented out?

if this turns out to be a sports car, i'm going to have serious issues about spoiling certain people. [although, if i read mrs. FC correctly, a sports car is not her style of spoiling.]

Floridacracker said...

Ha! Excellent punicity!
He did by the way ... bear up that is ... just bearly though.

Now if I answered any questions it might give away the surprise, so I have to pass this time.
Tomorrow you can see if you were right or not.

Actually, I think it is a branch of science ... scientists are always talking about labs you know.
And yes, cats have disdain down, but pitiful me is beyond them.

Glad to have you on board the PF sidebar! These connections are pretty cool.

I think I could start a Bear Blog, he's a story a day anyway. Delighted to have you double dip, and I swear I will not take it for granted.

Your dog has the coolest name! Yes, they are quite the schmoozers.

LOL! Yes, they all fit. He was actually trying for a piece of my breakfast egg.

He's secure in the knowledge that I'm his buddy and only go for awhile.

Miz S,
I hope your Christmas was a great one. Glad you liked the previous jaunt ... careful though, I think you might be falling under Bear's spell.

Kathy A,
With two kids in college, I never expect big ticket surprises like sports cars.
She is a good surpriser tho and has pulled off a few doozies.

LauraHinNJ said...

Who are you trying to kid? He wants whatever it was you were eating! He's a Lab!

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh and... did you ever wonder how they manage to put all their weight into their head as it rests on your leg?


cndymkr / jean said...

It's not just the look in his eyes, it's the head resting on your lap. It's a package deal where the end result is an extra hug or treat!

Floridacracker said...

You SO know your labs! How do they do that head thing? Just tonight he did that (wanted my cheezit crackers) and it actually hurt my shinbone. Too funny. I have some shore birds you might enjoy tomorrow.

Exactly. The look would be powerful enough, but the head pressure just clinches the deal.

SophieMae said...

Did you go back to the Styx? Or to the sticks? I had forgotten all aboout that river. It's been quite a while since I visited Rawling country. One of Duller's friends has a bookstore in Micanopy. It's a wonderful place to spend a rainy day.

I'm the big sucker in our house. Those pitifuul looks get to me (nearly) every time. And she's WELL aware of my weakness.

Freste said...

Ok this is like that itch you just can't scratch because you're in an important meeting with important people. You've mentioned your Christmas toy about fourteen hundred dozen thousand different times in the last two posts and if you don't tell us all right this very minute, I swear we are all going to stomp our feet, hold our breath, cross our arms and turn the other way pretending not to look.

Anyhoo, I was guessing motorcycle, pogo stick, an H10 or even an H2 depending on ones investment choices, a moped, a Buck Rogers jet pack, a first generation Big Wheel, or even a new Western Flyer.

Either way, if Bear's could speak...........

Anonymous said...


The suspense is killing us! What was the Christmas present? It's almost 2009 here for us...Thunder is making a prime rib roast, greens and blackeyed peas. Having Champagne with fresh strawberries at midnight just to bring in the New Year right! Talk to you later,
Lightnin and Thunder

Laura said...

Its a car!!! A new jeep? That's my guess, based on previous posts.

Happy New Year to my favorite Florida blogger! :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Can we guess? I am guessing a kayak. That would explain water references and no room for Bear. Being a kayaker, I am always recruiting. Let us know soon.
Happy New Year to the FC family.

amarkonmywall said...

Slacking, slacking! Time to begin with the inland waterways adventures...some of us are waiting anxiously.

Floridacracker said...

No Styx yet, but it's definitely on my list.
I join you in being a sucker for doggy eyes.

Been there, scratched that. Well, if you have an extra Kawasaki Vulcan 500 Ltd lying around, I'll take it.

Happy New Years Day in China! That meal sounds wonderful.

Thanks and ditto! You can never have too many JEEPs but this time it's something different!

Arkansas Patti,
You're right on, the secret is out now!

It's up, it's up!

Julie Zickefoose said...

I thought the same thing as Laura...there's a plate involved...this isn't about missing a trip...this has to do with food.

He's got Baker beat in this shot for the ultimate expression of pure doggeh need. Ooh, I could just smooch him!