Saturday, December 27, 2008

Other Birds That Day

Gull ... young or winter plumage laughing gull?
Help me out there birdies.

I shared my skimmer pics a few days ago, but there were other birds out at Cedar Key that day too.
It was cold and windy last week and most of the birds were just enduring a cold wind off the ocean. Sadly, those conditions have changed to warm temps in the mid 80's ... blecchhh, we get enough heat in the long summer here.
I want some cold weather dammit ... okay, sorry for the micro rant over things completely out of my control.

These clam farmers are probably cursing the cold, because they are heading out to harvest clams off their lease. They will be wet,muddy, and cold for the next few hours.
The two pelicans are walking away from me, casting sly glances back to check on Bear's location even as they act nonchalant about him.
Flying takes precious energy and if they can just shuffle down to the end of the dock to avoid the droolinator, that would be just fine.

The scaup were out and about in small flocks. Mostly the sun was behind them so ... mostly my pics stunk. I did catch this guy with the light right.
I love to watch wild ducks ... Bear felt it too, he strained and trembled as he watched the scaup diving and dabbling.

This sanderling was working the shoreline, sucking energy out of the living sands. This one was all by itself. Usually I see sanderlings working the wave line as a group dashing up and down the beach as waves come in and out.

It was a good day and a good reminder that Bear needs more leash time and a refresher on some of the leash manners he learned (?) at Petsmart obedience school.

He runs free here at PFHQ so often that he's a little ... um ... exuberant on the leash. He doesn't seem to mind choking at all.

Chick magnet though ... everybody loves him.

I can't blame them.

Blatant Teaser:
Stay tuned for my new Christmas toy ...


Bill said...

I think the leash thing must be a lab thing. My chocolate lab "Brownie" doesn't mind choking to death until about the second time around the block. Then he finally says "oh yeah if I just walk at the same speed without pulling it's much more fun". Dogs, who knows what is going on in there? I know with mine it is mostly "When do we eat?". Merry Christmas 2 days late. It was just a little hectic with 31 at the house for Christmas.


Aunty Belle said...

Wow, FC! Seen yore new mantle and stone work all set up fer Santa--gorgeous! Yore Queen and Kids must be real pleased wif' ya!

Bear is a beauty. He is so glossy.

Merry Christmas to all your folks at PFHQ.

(How's Dad?)

Florida Beach Basics said...

I live in Brevard County, and dogs are not allowed on our beaches. Got to wondering, and after a brief search, found this site that gives some info on beaches that allow dogs and what the rules are.

I'm new to your site - enjoying it.

Freste said...

New Christmas toy? What is it, what's your new toy, do you like it, what is it, lemme see, what is it??????????

Sounds like you have some Aussie weather for the holidays. Either way, it's a beautiful season to be enjoyed and remembered.

Give Bear a good belly rub for me.

Deb said...

Sorry I can't help on the gull ID- gulls are not my forte.

Sally needs to learn some leash manners as well; the day we took her to Big Manitou Falls she rubbed a spot on her neck raw from pulling. It must be a lab thing.

New toy? Eagerly awaiting the explanation!

cndymkr / jean said...

I love hearing about Bear and yes, I bet he is a chick magnet.

threecollie said...

Wonderful bird photos...

tsiya said...

Looks like an adult Laughing gull in winter uniform. I'm back shooting and blogging again after 6 months in bed, y'all come visit!

Cathy S. said...

For more cool Lab antics, see the film, Marley and Me. For the most part, very funny and very true. Just leave the film before the last twenty minutes. About the time they move to Philly should be the right timing or like me, you will find yourself blubbering the rest of the evening.

Floridacracker said...

31! No wonder you were busy. Hope it went well! I guess we are both dealing with lab enthusiasm!

Thanks! Dad is doing pretty well. Much,much better on the pain side of things and he had a grand time at Christmas.
We just have to keep his spirits up as the days of imobility drag on.

Welcome! Thanks for the dog link.

Now calm down mate. As soon as I get a chance to use it, I'll take some pictures and post em. I haven't even taken the shrinkwrap off it yet.

That's okay, I'm calling you if a great grey owl ever drops out of the sky here!
Toy home, but probably a day before I get to use it due to obligations elsewhere.

I think anyone who reads this blog will get a full dose of Bear antics! He's a hug magnet basically.

Thanks! How'd that bird count go?

Welcome back! Thanks for the ID assist.

Cathy S,
I know that movie is going to kill me, but I must see it.

robin andrea said...

I wish I could help you out ID'ing that gull, but I have no idea. Roger and I been talking to a lot of very nice people who have been out walking their very nice dogs on leash. Dogs are really human magnets, only some of us are chicks. Hah!

Anonymous said...

Have been reading your blog while living in Singapore. You are giving me my "Florida fix." I love your site and will continue to read. Bear is also a reader's magnet.

kathy a. said...

daughter and i had a shopping jaunt in The City today. we saw a mixed flock of pigeons and seagulls, snarfing crumbs by the BART station [right next to shopping and the cable cars; those are some birds who don't work hard for a living].

we also saw teh cutest kitten ever, and a completely adorable lab mix pup -- big department store's holiday display windows are given over to the spca. daughter was disappointed we did not bring those babies home. but our own pets were joyful when we returned from this unexcused absence.

Pablo said...

Wait a minute! Are you saying you can't control the weather????

Dani said...

Yeah, what's up with the weather? Had to turn the air on. Total mood killer!

Floridacracker said...

I know, but I only notice the chicks! hah!

Anon in Singapore,
Welcome!! Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you are enjoying Pure Florida. Bear will continue to infiltrate my posts believe me.

Kathy A,
Now a few more critters might be nice... especially a lab mix pup.
You are a strong woman.

Well, once the kids came along, I had to let some hobbies go ...

Ditto. I think some light relief is coming, but not sure it will reach all the way to you.
Hope so!

Julie Zickefoose said...

I'll add adult laughing gull, winter plumage to the chorus. FC, please feel free to fire a mystery bird photo my way before posting. I'd be happy to help.

Bear is a superfudgechunk. I'd be all over him, too.

Hey, nice mantle and floor.

Floridacracker said...

"superfudgechunk" ... LOL! That says it all!
Really enjoyed your bird travels in SA ... and the painting insight!
Thanks for the bird ID offer too, best to go straight to the top :)

caroline said...

Not just a lab thing, Jack Sparrow, of the schnauzer persuasion, goes in for the choking method of dog walking too. After about 1/2 mile, the 4 wheeled drive mode backs off a bit. He does have a need to be the "leader" no matter what.

Ericka said...

it's okay - i mostly rant about things that i can't control. things i CAN control generally are in control and don't require ranting.

i could have used a bear hug today. i made due with a fairly willing cat instead - purrs will make it all better.

new toy?