Monday, December 08, 2008

Ringneck Snake

Saturday morning, I moved a piece of metal lying on the ground and was graced with this beautiful ringneck snake. It was a cold, grey, drizzly morning and the snake was balled up snug in the earth beneath the metal.

The top picture is after he warmed up a bit and could actually move about. The picture below is how he first appeared and how he stayed for several minutes until the endothermic warmth of me flowed into the ectothermic chill of him.

This is a snake whose beauty lies beneath him (or her... I don't really know it's sex).

Ringnecks are very small, very gentle, and generally just want to be left alone ... which is what I did after getting a few shots and a short video for y'all.

He's a wiggly little thing once he warms up to you.

After his video debut, I let him go beneath a cozy pile of planting pots.

Living room update:

Baseboards are on, but I came up one board short ... ARGGGHHHH! ... so no finished pics yet, but soon come, soon come.

Plus, I need to show you the deer at one month later... soon come on dat too!


Anonymous said...

I don't want to see the deer! Even as much as I love your blog, I do not want to see it!! ;)
I'll just scroll very fast over the photos when you post 'em.

But I can't wait to see the living room update! We ran out of baseboard when doing Brittany's bathroom...about 6 months ago. She is still waiting...

Love the second pic of the ringneck! It really shows off his colors. How beautiful!

Rick and I found a little garter snake under a pile of concrete blocks on Saturday. The little guy was a tad ornery at us and tried to snap at Rick, who picked him up anyway and started admiring him, even as the lil snake showed all his teeth and lunged for all he/she? was worth. *sigh* men and their snakes.
He did let him go to slither away underneath the bushes. ;)

And how about them Gators!!! ;)

Dani said...

We get these little loves in the garden alot. Yours has a lighter color than I've seen on the ones here. I'll have to look that up and see if it means anything.

SophieMae said...

The dawgs were obviously unmpressed. It's been many moons isnce I stumbled upon one of those. Beautiful little creatures, aren't they?

I thought Ms Liz (from NPR - on Wheel) had it in the bag with over $12k, but another player came up from behind and ousted her at the last minute. Ah, well, $12,000 is nothing to sneeze at. (Oh, and she had the million $ card, as well. Bummer there.)

Cathy S. said...

Um, I am a tad embarrassed as that is the kind of snake all the fuss was made about at my office (twice) and I cannot hold it, but have to sweep it up in a dustpan. I do not think I will show this video to my coworkers as it might send them straight into a heart attack.

BeeDancer said...

i love ringnecks...i used to consider it a lucky day if i spotted one...but it's been a while now that i'm in a more urban area

cndymkr / jean said...

The colors on that snake are wonderful and I had no idea they were so small. It looks to be the same size as some of the worms in my garden. I could handle that.

Floridacracker said...

Come on now, a little month old dead deer is not that bad ... why it hardly stinks anymore.
Garter snakes are a bit fiesty.
Those Gators done good!!

Let me know if it does. Great little snakes to have around.

My old dogs are only impressed by warm blankets, food, and snuggles.
Actually, they may have it right.

Cathy S,
Yes, don't show them the fearsome ringneck of death! It might be too much for them.

I always find them under something. I think if I wanted to find one I would lay a board or something flat down and leave it to be checked occasionally.

Definitely a wormy sized snake. And when moving with dark side up, easy to miss!

Anonymous said...

I am not a snake fan but that snake is very pretty.

Can't wait to see the living room!


Sandcastle Momma said...

You know my dislike for snakes but I have to say he's a pretty little thing. I love the colors on his belly.

Good luck with that baseboard!

kevin said...

For God's sake, don't let that thing get around your neck!

I bet Mrs. FC is pretty stoked today. We are going to the game in January. Don't ask how much the tickets are.

Floridacracker said...

Patti and SandcastleMomma,
It's good to see beauty even in something you aren't a fan of!
Room pics soon, pickin up that board tonight.

I won't ask, but I can imagine. It's in Miami, so pack extra ammo.
and yes, the wringyourneck snake is quite dangerous.

kevin said...

Don't worry, I believe in peace through superior firepower.

Good luck with the project.

Miz S said...

What a beautiful little piece of creation. Thank you, FC. I don't see nearly enough snakes up here in Maryland, especially at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

When I was kid, I never would have believed this day would come, but -- gosh,he's cute!

Doug Taron said...

That guy could turn me into a herpetologist (of course that would mean getting past my belief in the inherent inferiority of things with backbones). Sadly, I see that it can't be found in my part of the world.

Thunder Dave said...

Cool little snake. How big do they usually get and what do they normally eat?

Hey one more question: So when you are done completely rebuilding your house, what's next? ;-)

Aunty Belle said...

ugh...snakes worry me, but that wee one is a beauty!!

The DIY? Oh, jes' Ask Santa to send in the elves.

Ericka said...

what a beautiful little snake!

*sigh* doesn't that just figure? one stupid board... hope finishing went well!

Just the Right Size said...

FC, gotta love 'dem baseboards! LOL! Can't wait to see the final pics.

That snake is a cutie patootie!

Dani said...

I didn't find anything on why the colors were different. And nothing much on the sexing that would help. They said male tails generally are longer than the female.

robin andrea said...

Beautiful, little snake. Nice that you could warm him up a little.

Good luck with those floorboards. Someday you'll look back on these moments and laugh.

Floridacracker said...


Miz S,
I shall try and share ours as they come to me this winter.

We will start out small and work up to cuddly big ratsnakes! Glad you liked this one.

Spend more time with fish and you will really move to the vertebrate side of the coin :)

This is about full grown. They eat smaller soil critters, worms, crickets, etc. Pretty small mouth.
After my house I will be ready to start on yours!

Aunty Belle,
I hope Santa appreciates the beautiful new living room when he comes down the chimney this year!
Maybe he'll leave me a new drill.

One stupid board about 45 miles away too! We did get it though and I stained it this morning in the predawn dark so it will be ready to varnish tonite.

Just Right,
Doncha know it!
Definitely a cute snake ... even the nonsnake people are acknowledging that!

Thanks for checking. I thought the tail thing was a snake sex difference.

Thanks. I'm starting to believe the laughing part as the room finally comes to an end.

SwampAngel65 said...

OH, I love it!!!! I haven't seen one of those in ages. Don't ya just love 'em?!

tsiya said...

Pretty little guys!