Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Florida Food Fest: Desert First Please

Let's have desert first.

How about some cheese cake with a blackberry/blueberry sauce? The crust on this cake is crushed pretzels instead of the usual graham cracker crust.

I wrinkled my nose at this news during the making ... but the results were wonderful!

SO wonderful that I had another piece the next day at breakfast to verify my original opinion.

Bear has a nose for good food.

Above you can see the main course, which was kind of a philly steak sandwich, but baked in french bread dough with mushrooms, swiss cheese, onions and peppers. There was also a pepperoni and cheese creation.

Yes, I tried both.

I liked the Philly one the best.

The part I really was stoked about was the potato salad concoction filling the lettuce leaf on that plate. I didn't make any of this food so I can't give details, but it was herby, sourcreamy, delicious. I told Mrs. FC to write down what ever she did as it was spectacular. You could give me that and the tossed salad below and I would be a happy herbivore.

Above is the reason I cut my kayaking short last Sunday ... well, this food and the wonderful people waiting to enjoy it with me.

Lasagna, Tossed Selmo Salad, Garlic/herb bread, and Texas Sheet Cake.

I did NOT want to be late for that meal!

It was delicious and even with 7 of us, there was still a leftover pan of lasagna that we were able to deliver to a single mom friend of ours who is battling cancer.

Maybe that was the sweetest desert of all.


Dr. Know said...

How commendable to to surrender that extra pan of lasagna for a just cause - being single I'd have fought for it. Or maybe whined a bit, anyway...

Dani said...

I would have been rushin' home too!

Cathy S. said...

great looking food. Where did Mrs. FC get those cute flower plates?

I know God will give you lots more plans of lasagna in teh future because you shared the last one you had left.

TROLL said...
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TROLL said...

By all means, post that Tater-Salad recipe if you can cajole it out of Der Frau. Not sure if many other readers will CLICK THE LINK about SELMO SALAD, so I'll add that it was interesting and not about salad.

It reveals a dark dark Secret about FC's lineage. Grrrherhahahahhahaha!

Sayre said...

I can see why you rushed home. I'm going to have to find some paper towels as the IT folks don't look kindly on drool in the keyboards...

Pablo said...


Just the Right Size said...

That's carboriffic! I would have rushed home too, especially for a piece of that cake!

BTW, Bear is exercising superb control there! So close and yet so far.

Anonymous said...

Yum, french doughy bread and steak.........looks good!

I'll be over that way next weekend. What time is dinner?!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm back. Read the two other posts.

You've got such a nice family!


ChrisC and JonJ said...

Between the cheesecake and the philly-type samwitch,you have me drooling!I like the idea of using pretzels in the crust for the cheesecake.Good idea!

Deb said...

Ummm; Me too please. Some of everything.

I just may have to figure out a recipe for those Philly cheese steak things. They sound like something my kids would like. Me too.

Lady Jane said...

Awww, your birthday dinner! Happy belated.. J.

Susan Rose said...

Since you like the pretzel crust, let me tell you about a GREAT strawberry jello concoction...

BOTTOM LAYER is crushed pretzels and melted butter.
MIDDLE LAYER is strawberry jello with plenty of real strawberries (frozen in sugar, then thawed).
TOP LAYER (thin layer) is sweetened cream cheese.

The sweet/cheesy/fruity/salty/buttery combo is "to die for." Be sure to use a LOT of frozen-and-thawed strawberries. The jello will not be super firm.

elpbulls said...

Yum!!! That meal looked awesome. Dont worry about me I ate at the cafeteria tonight ;). Love ya bunches

Ericka said...

yum! i love newman's own balsamic vingrette salad dressing - i can almost just drink it - and yours sounds similar. i'll have to try it. thanks for sharing!

Dani said...

I think Pablo is worried. ;)

Floridacracker said...

I understand.

1) It worked for me!
2) Read Pablo's blog ... he's always fretting about something. :)

Cathy S,
Thanks! My first guess would be Wallyworld.

YES I am half Yankee genetically speaking!

It does tend to muck up the keyboard. :)

It was my birthday dude and I ate way more salad than lasagna. BP 117/70, resting pulse rate 65 bpm, same jean size as high school 32-33.

Just Right,
Texas sheet has a nice blend of choc and vanilla in the background. She used extra dark cocoa per my request.

Thanks! They are smart and interesting people to live with!
We usually eat early on the weekends ... 5ish good?

I was surprised at that pretzel notion, but it worked!

I'll see about getting both recipes up!

Lady Jane,
Thank you maam!

Susan Rose,
Thank you. Sounds good.

Don't feel too bad. Last night it was a can of Progresso soup gulped down in about 2 minutes due to basketball games. Luve you cutie!

I generally don't use bottled dressings, but that one you mentioned is one I keep on hand for speedy salads!