Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why I Love This Little Restaurant And ... FC's Favorite Chick Flick

Theo's Restaurant sits along King Street and next to the San Sebastion River in St. Augustine. Each morning, the owner and his wonderful staff show up early to bake fresh bread and prepare wonderful food for their loyal customers and the lucky tourist who finds Theo's.

My parent's found Theo's decades ago when it was a few miles away on San Marco Avenue and they made it their EVERY Saturday breakfast spot.
My folks love Theo's.
They are so regular, that the Theo's crew starts cooking their order the minute they see them come in the door.
I love this place too ...

... not just because of the great breakfasts ...

... or the "cover your plate" sized delicious fresh cinnamon buns ...

... this is why I love Theo's ... these people.
When Dad fell and broke his leg a month ago, the good folks at Theo's called to check on them and offered to deliver their traditional breakfast. Theo's doesn't deliver take out by the way ... they were just taking care of my folks out of the goodness of their hearts. They knew Mom doesn't drive and with Dad down, getting to Theo's would be a problem.
Luckily, my brother stepped in for the delivery, so the busy Theo's crew only had to make the breakfast ... but wasn't that an amazing example of caring about your customers?

Like I said, I love this restaurant.

Alot of you have asked about Porki the Pneumonia Pig's progress.
She seems to be almost recovered and is grunting normally, eating with gusto, and breathing so much clearer.
Thanks for your concern.
She does seem to have developed a Gatorade habit though during her sick spell. In the picture above, Mrs. FC is administering a little Ade mixed with an antibiotic.

Just so we have a little nature on this nature blog today, I've included a heavily cropped distant shot of a pair of Hooded Mergansers rafting on the San Sebastion River. I took this just outside of Theo's as I waited to pick up Mom and Dad's breakfast last Saturday.
Oh, yeah ... and what is FC's favorite chick flick?
"Sliding Doors" with Gwyneth Paltrow and some guy with a great Scottish accent. Mrs. FC and I watched it yesterday again. She got weepy, I did not.
It ain't "The Yearling" or Old Yeller", after all, so no tears from me.
(and since you are going to ask ... no, I have not seen "Marley and Me"... when I do, it will be in the privacy of my own home)
Now you know.


robin andrea said...

Three cheers to the crew at Theo's. What an amazing, big-hearted team of good folks there.

Glad Porki is feeling better.

Sharon said...

Glad Porki is doing better! I love Theo's too, great little place. What a world it would be, if every business had an attitude like they do. I haven't seen Marley yet either, I'm looking forward to it.

SwampAngel65 said...

A place like Theo's is a rarity these days. Makes my heart feel good to think a place like that does still exist!

"Marley & Me"...I have vowed to never watch it. I can't handle any movie with any kind of animal in it that makes me cry...and I've heard this one'll do it. I don't even like "The Lion King" 'cause it made me cry in the theater. I haven't watch "Sliding Doors" in years. I think I'll pull it out one night this week...the BEST chick flicks are the Bridget Jones movies and "Sense and Sensibility" though. I can watch them over and over!

Freste said...

THEO'S is the kind of place I'd love live near. How nice is that!!!

Yer gonna love Marley. Eat some good datil salsa while watching. You can blame it on the peppers.

TROLL said...

You be good at writing and you're a determined kid. Methinks you could arrange for the Theo's story to appear in the St. Augie Newspaper or some other media outlet.

Deb said...

Theo's sounds like a great place. If I ever make it down that way, I will certainly pay them a visit.

No, I'm not Florida beach dreaming on a cold Minnesotarctica day...or am I?

Ooohh, hoodies! They are getting to be one of my favorite waterfowl. I wonder if those are the ones I saw here this summer.

Laura said...

I read Marley and Me, and I had to skip over the part where he died, but the rest of the book had it's funny moments. A few that sounded a little too cliched, as well, but overall, a nice story.

As for Theo's, what a great story! We need more people like these folks in our world. How's your Dad doing now?

And that photo of Bear in the post below just cracks me up, LOL.
There is just nothin like a lab... ;)

S N B said...

When we were in St. Augustine in December, we went to Theo's for lunch and it was great. We went because David had read your recommendation. He said if it wasn't good, we could blame you! Well, it was good and now you get the credit!

who wouda thunk it?? said...

given the name "Theo's" and the blue and white building.... let me go out on a limb and guess, Greek owner?! You just cant go wrong with a Greek in the kitchen

Anonymous said...

Good to know about Theo's. Always looking for a good place to eat!


ChrisC and JonJ said...

Ms.FC doesn't like "Under The Tuscan Sun" or "Love,Actually" ? THE ultimate chick flicks?
But gotta try out "Sliding Doors."

Margaret Cloud said...

Isn't it nice to know people like Theo, and what a nice gesture on their part to offer to deliver. I am glad Porki is doing better.

Floridacracker said...

You nailed it ..."big hearted".

Now I'll be looking for you on those lucky Saturday mornings when I get to eat there!

You ARE a softie ... as befits an angel I suppose.

Sounds like a plan... I'll wear dark shades too.

Excellent idea!

I like em too, such clean contrasty patterns. 29 F (above zero) here tonight ... positively toasty by Minnesotarctica standards.

I knew if you dropped in you'd comment on that Who Me? lab face below! Dad goes to the doc tomorrow so I'm hoping for great news. Put Theos on your breakfast list the next time y'all get to the ancient city.

Whew! I'm glad my restaurant review held up! In that case, try Schooners too!

Who Woulda,
You got it. In fact, Theo's is short for Theodopolis or something I can't spell correctly. Good job!

Definitely great food and very reasonable prices!
... and a great staff!

Chris and Jon,
SHE likes all those romancy films, this is the ONE I like (heehee) ... okay, Under A Tuscan Sun was pretty good too.

Thanks! Porki was even frisking about a little today.

caroline said...

Love hometown places like Theo's, what nice folks!

My mother banned us from watching "Old Yeller" when we were kids, she couldn't take 4 weeping, unconsolable kids every time we watched. We knew what was going to happen when it started and we bawled at the end anyway every time. Four little red-headed kids all trying to hug our dog at the same time, it is a wonder the dog didn't "object" to the mauling. Mom would be crying right along with us, but that didn't count.
Caroline at 44N 103W

Floridacracker said...

I have that hug the dog en masse picture in my head now!

Once, I made the mistake of showing it in my classroom as a "treat" after some big test.
What the hell was I thinking?
Never again.

tsiya said...

Best cheeseburger in the whole world!

Marvin said...

Suddenly I'm hungry for homemade cinnamon buns, but St. Augustine and Theo's is a fur piece down the road.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That sounds like a great spot, and well run. BTW, I heard that the book is much better than the movie (isn't that always the case?)

Kimberlee said...

The generous spirit at Theo's is definitely a positive reflection on the owners and staff. It seems to me that it's a positive reflection on your parents as well.

Miz S said...

Man! I love those people at Theo's and I've never even been there! Thanks for the great story.

Bill said...

I love Theo's. Maybe I will go there for lunch today. OK that was mean, but hey when you still live in your hometown it is good to brag once in a while. Next time you go through Hastings, try Johnny's. Wednesday they have fried chicken.



Dr. Know said...

One of the more redeeming things about St. Augustine (in the fall of 2006, anyway) is that it hasn't been completely taken over by corporate developers and there are still privately owned restaurants along the beaches. And women... ;-)

You'll not get that kind of service from Denney's.

bluebird of paradise said...

I am going to Theo's the next time I'm in St Augustine. We did go to a fabulous seafood place that looked somewhat like Theo's. It was near the alligator farm as I recall.

TROLL said...

By the way, I've watched " Will Work For Food" and determined the first episode won't be "too metro" for you!

Day One: Lobster boat in rural Maine.

Day Two: Bee hives in the Mojave Desert.

Ericka said...

if ever i find myself in the neighborhood, i'm definitely going to theo's!

bah. i bawled my eyes out while reading 'marley & me.' it's HARD to cry and read. i will NOT see that movie. nope, nope, nope. if you're into books like that, though, check out 'lad, a dog.' it's old - my mom read it as a kid, but well-written. i sobbed reading that one too. i really don't like crying - i get all red and puffy, and my head hurts. yuck.

speaking of sobbing during movies... stay AWAY from 'my life' with michael keaton. omg. it's very well done, but i SOBBED for hours. this post notwithstanding, i am not a crier. michael plays a man with cancer who is dying as his wife is pregnant so he makes video tapes of himself to share with the child he won't get to see.

i really enjoyed 'sliding doors.' i remain fascinated with the concept of how much can change based on one instant, split-second decision. nifty!

kathy a. said...

oh, i'm behind! but a big cheer for theo's crew!!

glad ms. porki is doing well, too.

Alan said...

Good to know - we've been thinking of trying Theo's (if we can ever tear ourselves away from O'Steen's). Now we will certainly have to go. There's a small place in Jax called the Coffee Cup Cafe that has done similar things for my parents. You don't get that from big chain restaurants, which is why I always prefer to find a good local hole in the wall. If Theo's takes care of their long time customers that well then they are certainly worth a visit. :)