Thursday, March 05, 2009

Broad Shoulders, Sweet Cheeks, Full Lips

Broad shoulders.

Sweet Cheeks.

Full Lips.

"Porki" has a fair to go to at the end of March and she must weigh between 230 and 280 pounds ... or she will be disqualified.
I weighed her Monday and she was approximately 200 pounds after adjusting for the error in the scales.
I weigh myself in it first and then I know what error the scale is carrying.
(175 pounds ... since you were wondering)

Porki was about the easiest pig weighing experience I've ever had. I barely had time to bait the scale chute with apples and bananas before she had strolled in.
Curiosity killed the cat, but it weighed the pig.


Sayre said...

Wow - are you going to be able to put 30 lbs on her before the end of March?

I mean, I could probably do it myself without even trying real hard, but that includes things like ice cream and chocolate and such. I don't think pigs can eat that stuff, can they?

Deb said...

Somehow I knew you'd be talking about a pig. :)

Florida Beach Basics said...

you should be writing headlines for the local newspaper or eHarmony clients - this one would have pulled in all the single ladies in town, and some of the married ones! marge

kathy a. said...

she is so cute! don't you need a permanent pig at the homestead?

well, that will probably happen in a year or 2, when nobody of the offspring persuasion is working on the show pig thing. [that's how the last 2 foster kittens moved up the roster to house cats.]

kathy a. said...

not that we were working on show cats!! no, we were just fostering, nothing to see here, move along.

Julie Zickefoose said...

I could give Porki some pointers on fast weight gain, but first she's gotta go perimenopausal.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That's a good saying ... and you could probably say it killed the pig also ... eventually.

Thunder Dave said...

I bet it's nice to have one cooperate for a change!

Hey what are you and Patience doing for dinner on St. Patrick's day? (Hint hint)

Meems said...

Great title, FC.
Glad miss piggie cooperated getting in that cage for her weigh in. Sometimes I eat like I'll be disqualified if I don't gain weight in a fast hurry too.
Meems @ For the Love of Florida

Freste said...

So this wan't a post about Nadya Suleman??

Anonymous said...

Looks just like my ex-w.....wait.....I better not say that. Nice lookin' pig.

Island Rider said...

Does she not have a name because we all made such a fuss when last year's "pet" piggy went to market? She is cute, but I am not nearly as attached to her without a name. My husband wants a calf to raise and later,eat. I told him he had to get a herd and not name them so I would not get attached. If it doesn't have a name, I guess I don't have to make it personal!

judie said...

First visit here. Love your blog and I'll be back. Liked mostly reading about Laya. I'm a chicken lover, but I'm askeered of gators. :)

jojo said...

BEEER! and chocolate. lots of beer.
he'll make weight in no time.

CHEF TROLL said...

Seemed like something you'd be interested in since you're sort of a hippie. grrherhahahahahhahaa

cinbad122 said...

Poor to the fair, never to return to PF Headquarters.

Floridacracker said...

She's female. Putting pounds on will not be a problem.

Well ... someday I might not be!


Kathy A,
If it weren't for the feed bill, I would have a pet pig.

She's Peripulledporkal.

Eventually,but we try not to think about that.

We're not eating Irish food that's for sure ... blechchhh.
Let me know what the deal is ... ahead of time hint, hint!

Hey! LOL!


Soooooo ... your exWeimeraner was overweight?

Seriously. I would need about a dozen identical pigs to not be sad at the ultimate ending. Her name is Porki due to Junior's inability to name her, other than "Pig". My pal Cindy handed me that name.

Welcome to Pure Florida!!!
So glad you arrived and commented.
Stay tuned for more on Laya when the chicks hatch.

I'll eat the chocolate and she can drink the beer.

"sort of a hippie" huh?
Too funny.
I will check it out.

Not for a few weeks! We are still bonding :)

Sayre said...

"... she's female. Putting on pounds will not be a problem."

Tell me about it. Sigh.

Freste said...

Just do a simple web search for "Octomom" and that should do it. She had six kids, then through IVF had octuplets for a total of 14. Very controversial subject in CA but thought her gestational size reminded me of Porki.

Floridacracker said...

Crazy female genes!!

OH HER! Okay, I know who you mean now.
What a loser.