Monday, March 09, 2009

I Bee Late In Posting This

I was standing under the open shed attached to my little barn when this carpenter bee began fussing at me. At first I thought he was just flying by on his way to the nearby blossoming blueberry bushes, but it soon became obvious that it was something else.

It seems I was standing between the bee and a piece of red cedar that was up curing in the rafters of the shed.
The bee did not like this as he had work to do, plus another bee kept cruising through the area and he didn't seem to like that either.
I switched to video and caught a little of his antics as he zoomed in and out and in my face.
The message was clear...
...amusing, but clear.

I'm always amazed at the perfection of the circular holes these rascals chew out of the wood for their nursery.
...Tempted to pun like crazy here, but I won't, I'm late enough as it is.

Tomorrow: Fire In The Palms


Arkansas Patti said...

If we could just get them to put the holes where we needed them---

SophieMae said...

I'm always tickled to see
An angry carpenter bee
He'll hum and he'll hover
Thinking I'll run for cover
But I merely laugh, full of glee

Our poor dawg tries her best to catch one. Duller is convinced they're playing with her.

I've been out in the hog plum orchard shooting bees myownself. 'Tis the season. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh..... 8-]

robin andrea said...

I like the sound of that bee, it sounds like summer to me. Nice video.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Ack!!! The bane of our existence!!
Those things dirve me crazy.Put the hole in the right place,will ya?Kinda sounds like bee porno,doesn't it?

Aunty Belle said...

Dern, that is nice camera work--do they sting bee photographers?

Floridacracker said...

I am working on training them.

Excellent! Love the poem. I was in hog plum blossom heaven myself Sunday.

Summer. Coming soon to a state near you.

Chris and Jon,
LOL! Bee porno ... heehee.

Thanks! I think only one sex of Carpenter bees can sting, but I can't remember if it's the boys or the girls or if I'm wrong all together!

Freste said...

It's time to do some Spring cleaning in the old shed. I was moving stuff to and fro. Discovered a nice little mud blob in the corner. Tiny little air vent on top, larger hole toward the bottom of it. Nifty wasp nest with about a dozen larvae which didn't quite survive. Amazing critters.

cinbad122 said...

You are much braver than me! I am afraid of creatures that bite and sting...but I guess that I have reason to be afraid!

Emmy said...

That one is probably a male bee, protecting his female and their nest! It's all for show, though... the males can't sting. They are very beneficial as they pollinate a lot of plants. Plus they are just cool! :)

Floridacracker said...

They are pretty amazing little robots.

Spiders are scary. Not bees. :)

Welcome to Pure Florida!
I thought it was the males who did not sting, but I couldn't remember for sure.
They really work my blueberry blossoms so they are very welcome to that old piece of cedar.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Oh, thanks. Now I've got an old Carpenters' song running through my head. "Close To You."

Arggggh. Not what you want as a brainworm.

Very cute mad bee.