Monday, April 20, 2009

Gator Beach

You gotta be tough to hang out at Gator Beach.
We prefer scales to sunscreen, live food to sushi, and nictitating membranes to swim goggles.

(from Latin nictare, to blink)

Sometimes Gator Beach gets a little crowded.

That's a good time to hit the water with your stick and catch some gnarly waves.

These babies and the juvie gator in the top pic were all sunbathing in the woods Sunday. It was one of those mornings where I was almost out of the woods without a single decent pic of anything more exciting than a TiTi tree, and then ...
... baby gators!
I realize I should be posting these on Pure Alligator (and I will eventually), but I just couldn't stand not to post them here first.
There's video too.
Soon come.


Anonymous said...

So is this where all the gators were hiding when Thunder and I were there?

SophieMae said...

This is why I always loved April in the glades and Big Cypress area! Did you happen to catch my blinking gator vid? Silly, but I just had to tape those few seconds. 8-} I still get excited over a gator sighting, no matter how (relatively) dirt common they've become. Now off, at long last, to check out Pure Gator.

threecollie said...

They are getting bigger....

Sayre said...

I love the gator hatch-out!!! and summer as they grow to teenagers...

Pablo said...

Do you need to worry about mama gator being nearby when you come across this many babies?

robin andrea said...

Love those baby gators. Your photos remind me: for the life of me I can't remember why my parents bought baby gator for my older brother over fifty years ago. How did such a wild, untameable thing become someone's idea for a pet?

lisa said...

I love the bottom picture with babies head up watching you!!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Sweet indeed! Gorgeous babies.

STEB said...

so is lighting going to be in the video tehe :>

cinbad122 said...

How old are they? They still have stripes but they look big!

Bill said...


I love the Gators!
I also love your pure Gator page!
Does Mrs. FC feel you are being converted or just reptile crazy?
I am pretty sure your blood is slowly turning orange and blue.
Torn Labrum is the shoulder answer from yesterday. Over 1 year since repaired and I am still paranoid about hurting it again. Cindy is even worse about it, the constant warnings just make me more crazy, if that is possible.
Thanks for asking.


Floridacracker said...

You saw these at the first gator stop we made.

I couldn't watch it on home dial up, but I will go back for it while here in broadband land.

And hungrier.

So cute at this stage!

What, me worry?

I think it was the cuteness factor that is so appealing at this stage.

Me too! I must have shot that 20 times since it was such an appealing pose. Welcome to Pure Florida!

Ya just want to hold them doncha?

Not this time! In the future I'm sure!

I suppose you will be wanting these pics too. :)
A foot a year for the first 6 years is average i believe. These might be last year's hatch.
The larger one might be 2-3.

Ouch, sorry to hear about that shoulder. Hope it continues to strengthen.