Saturday, April 04, 2009

Livestock Fairs, Science Fairs,Career Fairs, And Of Course, Meteor Strikes, Make For A Busy Week

Well, it's been a busy week here at PFHQ.

First there was the livestock fair. That consumed much time between last Saturday and Wednesday. Junior's pig won her class and then she went on to win her division, but in the final round did not win grand champion or reserve champion, but she did better than any other pig from our FFA group.
We were pretty pleased with his two blue ribbons. He made some cash at the auction and Porki went wherever all the other fair pigs we've raised go after the auction.

I think it's some kind of pig resort, with mud baths and other piggie stuff.

Immediately after the livestock fair, it was science fair time.
That was Thursday. The students have known about the science fair since January 8th, and have received direction and assistance along the way, but as usual, there was much science fair panic and last minute compiling in the days before the event.

Myself and two other dedicated science teachers ran the event from initial planning to implementation. Science Fair day was a 12 hour day for us with only about 7.5 of those hours paid.
Junior's hydroponic project received an honorable mention, so he was pretty happy about that, even though his hypothesis was not supported by the evidence. He and I were both surprised that the tomatoes did not seem to like constant access to moisture.
Apparently intermittent access as in commercial systems is more appropriate.

The day after the Science Fair was Career Day (a jobs fair) at our school. Different employers set up booths in the gym and the classes rotated through the fair throughout the day. The boss asked me to represent the teaching profession and I had agreed, not thinking at the time about the fact that the Science Fair and the Career Fair fell back to back.

Like I said, a busy, busy week. Friday morning dawned and like a kid with a science fair project, I was scrambling to put together some teacher info and pictures for my career table.
Let me tell you, the loneliest table at a high school career day is the teaching table. These kids are around their teachers more than their parents ... they KNOW what teachers do.
So I made my display as funny and factual as I could without lying outright about teaching.

AND ... I brought Stewie the cornsnake along as my attention getter. That was brilliant if I do say so myself. He was a kid magnet and lots of kids petted a snake for the first time yesterday.
Stewie was perfectly behaved as usual and represented the serpent world well.

Immediately after the career day deal, Junior had a track meet in a nearby town, so it was off to see him run like a deer for a few hours. I was pooped last night and just crashed when I finally got home.

Crazy, crazy week ... and that's not even including all the hubbub about the backyard meteor strike. By the time we got all the press vans and reporters off the property, I was ready to toss that meteor in a UPS box and ship it to some distant land like Missouri.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of posts the last few days.

I will try to do better in the future.


h said...

Dang, you're a busy beaver. Does your little School have a "career guidance counseler"?

Susan Rose said...

I do have a sense of humor, but I've never seen the fun in tricking people who trust what you say. I just don't get it.

Pablo said...

What track events does Junior run?

kathy a. said...

i feel exhausted just reading about what you did! then again, the big events all sound fun, despite the work. great idea, bringing in a snake for the career day!

R.Powers said...

We are a combined middle and high, so we have one counselor for each level. Both are pretty busy folks.

Susan Rose,
Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings, but I only do this on April Fools Day. I think that is acceptable to most folks. As usual, it will be only the facts here until next April 1, and then I reserve the right to prank.

The 8oo, the 400 relay, and sometimes the shotput.

Kathy A,
It was fun and a nice change from the routine. I have one more big event this year and that is next week. My annual Cedar Key marine science trip!

Dani said...

Wow! It's time for the marine science trip already? Time flies.

Great job Jr! An honorable mention and two blue ribbons for the piggy. You go!

And of course, we all know Stewie ROCKS!

Unknown said...

You left it off at a good one: the meteor strike is a classic, and made sense to leave up for a few days. (I think some people needed multiple reads of it to fully absorb humor.)

Doug Taron said...

I'm tired just reading about your week. I enjoyed hearing about Stewie. We do a lot of public programming with live snakes, so I'm definitely familiar with the phenomenon of seeing folks touch a snake for the first time ever. Have you ever worked with fox snakes? We find them to be even better animals for public programs.

kevin said...

What a relief! I thought you'd been turned into a mutant by the meteor.

Congrats on the blue ribbons and H.M.

Kimberlee said...

I checked out the Missouri link and was amazed to see how similar the rocks were/are...interesting connection.

And I definitely sympathize with your busyness (is that a real word?). Even when you believe in what you're doing and are fortunate enough to enjoy doing it, having SO MANY responsibilities can still be EXHAUSTING. Hope you can catch up on your rest soon...barring another meteor strike or something equally strange and exciting!

R.Powers said...

Castnet training this morning, the real thing tomorrow!
Stewie shed over the weekend.

Like a soup that gets better the next day?

I'm pretty snakey, but I don't think we have such a beast here.

I am adjusting to the leg which grew out of my forehead after handling the meteor.

It was a busy one. On top of that my Mom worked my butt off yesterday!

Cathy S. said...

Tell your kids to wear wet suits. it is going to be COLD tomorrow. At least for a Floridian.

R.Powers said...

Cathy S,
Layers. I told them layers.

Miz S said...

FC! Oh, how I have missed you. I promise to be a better all-around blogger/commenter in the future.

p.s.Who doesn't appreciate a good April Fools Day joke? (You totally had me, by the way.)