Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Florida Food Fest: Minorcan Chowder and Greek Salad

The sequence of the photos below is sort of "retro".

Now, we need some of these, or it isn't real Minorcan Clam Chowder. These datil peppers are from my frozen stash since my plants got a late start and are wee tiny things at the moment.

My family relies on my Dad to start datil plants for us each year and this year his broken leg prevented that.

So, I am way behind.

Last week, my pal Kelly the clam farmer sent me a bag of live clams from his aquaculture lease. Above you see some of their tiny bodies after steaming in the shell. Live clams don't keep, although you can just freeze them in the shell for later use.
I chose to make a batch of chowder.

In the picture above, the clams have steamed in a little water so I can separate their scrumptious bodies from their shells ... and create a nice broth.

Presteam bath, they looked like this. This is about 1/3 of the total that went into my chowder pot.
These are mixed sizes, mostly just under the prime market size of 3/4 inch thickness for the appetizer trade in restaurants.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished chowder, but if you search this blog for Minorcan clam chowder, you can find that, plus the recipe.

Last weekend, at High Springs, Mrs. FC and the rest of the Southern Sisters catering team had a booth at the Pioneer Days festival.

They did really well selling strawberry pound cake, Greek salad, chicken salad croissants, and peanut brittle. Ten percent of their profits will be tithed to the charity of each sister's choice on a rotating basis.

I stopped by on the way to Junior's soccer game and bummed a Greek salad off of the "sisters". I have high Greek salad standards, most don't cut it.

This dressing was mixed on site and was wonderfully tangy, minty, and garlicy.

What's missing from the Greek salad above are the 4 steamed shrimp that decorated the top, plus the two slices of crusty bread ... I ate them before thinking to photograph.

What's hidden in the picture above is the Greek potato salad beneath the lettuce and other goodies.

Pretty darn scrumptious.


threecollie said...

Liz is hanging over my shoulder as I read this and just gasping with delight. Sure looks good!

Freste said...

Retro Shmetro...

Those are some MIGHTY FINE eats!


Sandcastle Momma said...

That does look tasty!

TROLL Y2K said...
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TROLL Y2K said...

Tithing and 10% are redundant. Tithing IS 10%! Food looks awesome.

I will be issuing a CHEF TROLL THROW-DOWN CULINARY CHALLENGE on Tuesday that is probably right up the Sisters and Yours alley.

SophieMae said...

Reckon I'm gonna have to add reading this blog to the list of things NOT to do when hungry. Duller will thank you, though, for the Greek salad tonight. 8-]
Clams look GOOOOOOD!!! Maybe I'll grill some calamari to top the salad. Mmmmm...

Where will the Sisters be cooking next?

tsiya said...

Got to grow those Datils in St. John's County to get the full flavor! Hey, FC, I broke down and got a DSLR, wow, what a difference a bigger sensor makes!

Mockingbird said...

Ohhhh, I'm hungry!
Minorcan Clam Chowder, Greek Salad and steamed shrimp.
That's it; I'm headed for the fish house and the Publix!

Floridacracker said...

It was!

.backwards was order the meant just I


True, you got me, I was being redundant, and oh, by the way...
Throw-down and challenge is redundant. :)

Sounds good, glad to help Duller out!
I don't know of their next public offering, they have a closed event next.

I used to say that out of loyalty to my home, but alas ... sshhhhhh, it's not true!

Chow down my dear.

Kittikity said...

You're making me hungry!

jon said...

Umm,our invite to dinner must've gotten lost in the mail.And there's nothing like a good Greek salad!All looks delish!

edifice rex said...

I LOVE and good Greek salad and yes, they are hard to find here also. That one looks great!

lisa said...

I love clams and nothing beats fresh clams, makes me hungry looking at all the great food and love peppers.

Miz S said...

Everything looks yummy. Especially the clams. Josh always says that if every kind of food in the world was presented to him on a buffet table, he would eat the steamed clams first.

Floridacracker said...

Seriously. Every time I look at that salad pic I want one.

Perhaps the Southern Sisters will be catering near you someday!

Easy to make though. I should post that process huh?

They don't get much fresher than this!

Miz S,
Josh is a wise man.

edifice rex said...

Yes! you should. Especially the dressing part.