Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer, Bear Puddles, and Cichlids

(Unsweetened of course)

It's summer by Bear's calendar ... only his second on this planet. We celebrated the advent of freedom from work, other people's kids, and paychecks, by heading to the swamp for some R&R. The rains are back here in Florida and we are relishing them. It is so nice to see water in creeks, swamps, and roadside ditches again. The scene above is a shallow ford in Devil's Hammock. It was an overcast, mostly rainy day, but we got out to splash around in the creek flow.

Bear spotted something pretty cool on the ride in, but you'll have to dash over to Pure Alligator to see what he saw.

What he saw is the reason he and I are still tethered together by a long leash.

He's pretty excited about having me around more now that school is out.
I am nonchalant about this of course ...

Stop smirking ... oh okay, I damn thrilled to be here at this point in the year. Next school year has all the appearance of an impending perfect storm of budget cuts and staff shortages so ... I plan to soak up each moment of this summer unemployment furlough.

I did get some good fish news last week.
One of my teacher pals who is going off to seek higher levels of learning at USF gave me his mixed Cichlids since I have this fishy reputation and he rightfully guessed that I would want them.

They will be spending the summer in the hydroponic tank out in the garden. Sometime in the fall, while it is still hot here, I will dip them up and let them spend the winter in an aquarium. Even our winters get too chilly for these tropical beauties.

Odd bits:

  • I just finished installing "The Perfect Pullup" in the doorway of this room where I write PF. I've owned and used "The Perfect Pushup" for over a year and I give it an A+ for making you work alot harder than normal pushups do. I installed the PP in the doorway while uploading multiple pics to my 3 blogs ... dial up is so slow, I needed to use the wait time in a productive way. I just tried it out and it's pretty torturous, so I think I'll like it.

  • I posted the recipe for the "Brownie Pillows" cookies over at Pure Florida Food so you folks that asked for it need only click to begin your own brownie in a cookie adventures.


  • Watch Pure Florida Food for a post on REAL chili, ... TEXAS RED. That will probably post around Wednesday or Thursday of this week ... if nothin' don't happen.


threecollie said...

Very pretty fish! They have some nice ciclids down and the college and I love to go see them.

Sayre said...

My husband has been taking happy dogs into the wet woods here. SO glad the drought seems to have broken. I have loved having rain every day last week. Wishing for more.

Beautiful cichlids!

Rurality said...

So, you have a split personality now...?

JG said...

After seeing the photo of the Brownie Pillows last Wednesday I hunted the recipe down on line.

We made them on Saturday and all I can say is that they are cookies of consequence...And the first cookies I've ever had to eat with a spoon.

They are delicious. We served them with vanilla ice cream, which may seem like gilding the lily, but since the inner brownie was still warm it added another level of excellence.


Pablo said...

Egads! You didn't spill that much unsweetened iced tea, did you?

robin andrea said...

Oh, I even hate reading the words "perfect storm" with budget cuts and staffing shortages. I remember those days all too well. Enjoy your summer, fc, it spreads out before you like a perfect blank canvas.

Aunty Belle said...

Youse lovin' life now! Swamp wanderin' to yore heart's content!

Happy fer ya, an' ain't been to peek, but wuz it his namesake Bear seen??

Off to check up on them brownie cookies.

Aunty Belle said...

okay--I checked...keep that pup close!!

Floridacracker said...

They are pretty amazingly pretty!

Nothing like romping in mud and water with a frisky pup!

... multiple actually. LOL!

"Cookies of consequence"
Perfect! They definitely are. I think ice cream is the perfect accompaniment to these cookies. Welcome to Pure Florida!

It was my Bubba Keg. It holds alot!

I plan to do just that.

I do, believe me, I do. Missin' him right now.

Miz S said...

I'm just a few days behind you, FC. I will be doing the happy dance on Tuesday, June 16th at 12:30pm. I'm glad for you, me, and teachers everywhere. Sweet, sweet summertime.