Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank You Friends

Thank you all for the comments on Feather. I read them all ... more than once, and I'm not done.
I think I'll be revisiting that post for a while...
Your thoughts are a great comfort and just more evidence to me of the wonder of this new (hey, I remember black and white TV...so I still think of this as new) way of connecting with people.

The restraints of geography and location have fallen away to reveal friends in places you never could have known if not for the net.
And I do think of you as friends.

The combination of finally writing about her going and your heartfelt comments made all the difference yesterday.
I think I'm at that point where you start feeling less lonesome and more appreciative of the wonderful dog years Feather shared with us ... and you through this blog.

So ... I just wanted to thank all of you for being so generous with supporting comments yesterday.
Somehow, a thank you comment from me tacked on to the end of your words just didn't seem appropriate.

I thought I should just take a post to do so.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.


Dani said...

I love my blogger friends. We're always talking about you and your crazy adventures or how Marianne is doing with the farm. It seems sometimes I'm more in tune with y'all than my RL friends. :) You take care and know that we're all sending you love and hugs.

debbie said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Over the years we've had three dogs that were lab/retriever mixes . . . they are the best dogs! My heart goes out to Flounder. He's going to need extra loving. Our black lab/retriever mourned for three months when our Jack Russell died. I became so concerned about him that I took him to the vet to make sure that there wasn't anything wrong physically. All of your pets have had very good lives. They are lucky to have found you.

edifice rex said...

More hugs!!!

Thunder Dave said...

Very sad indeed!
On the lighter side: Wasn't Katie exposed to Lightnin right around the the time that her questionable language came out? It could be a clue! JS'n! ;-)

threecollie said...

So sorry to read about Feather. I was afraid this was what you were going to tell us when things calmed down.
We were so much comforted by blog friends too when our turn came last week. Thank you for being one of them and take care of yourselves...give Bear and Flounder a hug from NY if you can.

Sayre said...

Sometimes my blog friends get me through things my real-life friends can't handle. It's too up-close-and-personal. Somehow, writing it out seems both more intimate and more distant. Blogworld can handle it when flesh and blood can't.

robin andrea said...

Oh FC, how did I miss yesterday's post? I'm here on the west coast crying about a dog I never met, but who I've grown to know and love over the years.

I will always remember the wisdom in a comment you left on a post when my sister lost her big, old great dane. You wrote, "Every puppy is a potential heartbreak, but oh the inbetween."

Still and always true. My heart goes out you and your family. RIP, sweet Feather.

kathy a. said...

FC, what robin said. i don't know how i missed the post yesterday. thinking of you and your family. i can feel that empty feather-shaped spot in your hearts from here.

Kathy said...

Oh, I missed yesterday's post as well. So sorry to hear this! I am so happy for your times with your precious Feather, though. I hope your entire family is comforted by the wonderful times you all spent with her.

elpbulls said...

I agree with Dad! All the nice words mean so much!! Ive been revisiting the post daily! THANKS!! ~Emma

Anonymous said...

Hey---I resemble that remark! But seriously FC, we'll miss the old dog too!

cndymkr / jean said...

Thank you for sharing Feathers life and death with us, with me. I think that photo of her on the porch with the chicken on her back is hysterical.

kevin said...

We lost our 15 1/2 year old lab mix last May. It was a tough day, I know what you are feeling and the feeling sucks.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Feather. It's truly heartbreaking to lose such a treasured friend. I hope you can take comfort in knowing what a wonderful life she had - because of you and your family. Lots of hugs and smiles to you and yours.

lisa said...

You are more than welcome! I think everyone agrees that we bloggers are a very special lot!

who wouda thunk it?? said...

yes, that post struck a chord for me too. This week I am nursing my 14 yr old dog through a very serious injury, and an 1 hour and a half surgery. I honestly thought she had given up on staying here, she would not eat or drink for four days. I spoon fed and gave sub-Q fluids then pulled her in my lap to love her on her way. somewhere in the middle of the night, she decided to stay!! I thought we were both going to be weepy, but I got lucky. Still very sorry (and very close) to your loss

Anonymous said...
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Cathy S. said...

I have to say I so admired your collection of photos that I spent some time last night taking pictures of our old girl Doberman. Just in case. Or when. Still thinking of you all and hoping the grief gets easier to bear over time.

roger said...

even cat people love dogs. especially the ones we meet in person or thru the loving and lyrical stories of our blogger friends.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! I have the same thoughts about y'all. What cool thing is she doing in that back yard now?

Well said. He's getting that extra attention and seems to be doing okay. Poor old guy.

Got em! Thanks :)

Now it's perfectly clear where she go that language.

I know how you loved Mike and how that must have hurt... still hurt.
Dummy me, I made the mistake of watching A Dog Year last night on HBO.

Seriously. I feel that way often.

You were probably too busy trying to find a fridge!
Thank you for that heartfelt sentiment and the reminder :)

Kathy A,
Thanks, a Feather shaped hole indeed.

Thanks, We were lucky to have 13.5 great years with her fuzzy self.

These people are all right aren't they? We should invite them all over for ribs.

Thanks hon. Sweet and smelly :)

I think so too. Always makes me think of Carmen Miranda for some reason.

I had no idea. Some friend huh?
Sorry buddy.

Thanks. We make them such a part of the family. Pretty tough when they go.

I think we must be.

Who woulda,
Oh man. Hang in there. That nursing of a sick old dog is so stressful. Bless you.

Cathy S,
I hope you don't need them for a very long time. We are doing okay.

Floridacracker said...

thanks buddy. that means a lot.

Caroline said...

Rest in peace,faithful Feather.

Sayre's Mom said...

Somehow I missed your original post about Feather's passing. What a lovely tribute. Jan and I are so sorry. Having lost our beloved "Deacon" this past summer, we know what a terrible ache you feel. Our sympathies to you and your family.
Judy (Sayre's Mom)

Floridacracker said...

Thanks. She was that.

Welcome to Pure Florida! Thank you for those kind words. Sorry for your loss too.

Native Mom said...

It's been an incredibly busy week, so I haven't had time to check in. I read about Feather's passing tonight and tears are still running down my face as I type my comment. As you know, I'm a dog lover, so maybe I'm more empathetic than most. I only hope my boys pass quietly, asleep, in their favorite spot at home, like Feather. I feel your loss. So sorry.

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