Monday, November 02, 2009

Cozy Lizard

Blue is definitely my color.

When sunbathing, it's important to get comfortable.

This curvy Fence lizard was draped across the kayak carrier board in my utility trailer when I went to use it. I hated to disturb him as he looked so comfortable.

Later in the day, Junior called me over to see a fat fence lizard on an oak in a distant part of the property.
Seems odd with cold weather coming, but it felt like summer most of last week, so maybe this lizard is still on a summer schedule.
Sounds good to me.


threecollie said...

Lovely looking lizards! And your folks Halloween display must be the delight of dozens! What creativity and fun...and so scary. Great job by them and you

Pablo said...

So this means there are some kayaking stories coming, right?

Idyllic Youth said...

Too bad you didn't get a shot of the blue belly. These lizards are cool.

vicki Bennett said...

Since the temp dropped about 10 degrees yesterday the cats have been out of the AC, also on the prowl for lizards. And, like Junior, they call me over to admire them. They just don''t look quite so content or cozy.

lisa said...

Now that is a cool looking lizard!

robin andrea said...

I like how the lizard looks draped over the colorful rope. He looks like he found a big, purplish friend that is so long it has no beginning or end.

Floridacracker said...

I knew YOU would be the early bird on this post! Yes, the kids love their house.

Sadly, I was only getting the trailer to haul tools to work on our soccer goals. Kayak can't happen soon enough tho.

Welcome! Yes, the males have beautiful blue.

Train McCloud to eat the nonnative brown anoles!

Cool lizard in a cool mood.

Me too! If he hadn't have been so drapey relaxed, I probably would have passed him by for a pic, but he was pretty funny.

Caroline said...

Lizard a la Salvador Dali...Captain Jack Sparrow, resident schnauzer, adopts similar pose over the arm of a chair while snoozing.

SophieMae said...

Cool! I never tire of spotting/shooting fence lizards. That one is either pregnant or just ate one of your chickens! Are y'all cold yet? It was grey all day here and I had to break out some long sleeves tonight. Wish I could've caught a pic of the sky tonight, but the cold front's cloud bank broke up too fast.

Thunder Dave said...

That is one cool lizard!