Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cypress Circumference

Let's take a walk.

I didn't have time to upload this short video when I posted about the ancient Goethe Giant cypress tree last week.

In the video, I set my spiffy new USF Bulls cap on the ground as a starting reference and then walked around the base of the Giant.

I thought that might help you grasp the enormity of this tree.

Today is cold and grey, with a rumor of frost tonight ... I'll believe that when I see it.

I will be tucking the datil peppers in though just in case. They are still holding peppers and even a few blossoms.

My gator photo'n plans have been replaced by a trip to the JEEP shop for a squeaky belt that needs checking, but that decision is mostly due to the grey, dim light conditions out there.

Have a great Wednesday and a most delightful Thanksgiving tomorrow.


Sandcastle Momma said...

Truly an incredible tree. Just imagine the stories it could tell...
I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

TROLL Y2K said...

Have a happy thanksgiving. Did you know that USF's female athletes are "Lady Bulls"? That's just WRONG!

Deb said...

That is one amazing tree.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

SophieMae said...

Some honkin' tree! Glad I changed my mind and stopped at the llieberry today. I love me some cypri. I should get Duller a chainsaw for Christmas so he can cut his way back to our little stand.

Re Lady Bulls... better than Cows. (*:^)

Miz S said...

Happy Thanksgiving, FC!!

Kimberlee said...

That tree has definitely got some junk in its trunk! :)
Have a great Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see photos of your yummy holiday creations. :)

Aunty Belle said...

Jes' a quick drop by to wish y'all all a happy Thanksgivin'. Special respects to Ma an' Pa Minorcan.

Floridacracker said...

Trees of this age just leave me in awe.

LOL! Too funny. Yes, that is a bit odd, but this IS Florida.

Happy TDay!

LOL! Go Cows! ... not the same huh.

Miz S,
You too dear.

I accept that assignment! Happy T day!

Thank you and a happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Dani said...

Happy Thanksgiving FC and family!

Prem Subrahmanyam said...

question: while checking out the Goethe Giant, did you happen to see any Shadow Witch orchids blooming in the swamp? It's their time to be blooming.


Prem Subrahmanyam said...

BTW, there is an even bigger tree than Goethe here in Lake Mary, Florida ...known as The Senator, it is believed to be 3500 years old and is the largest baldcypress in the US.

I wrote about this on my blog a few months ago:

Florida Native Orchids: Visiting With the Ents