Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Eternal Question ... Answered For You On A Rainy Sunday Morning

The question ... Does A Bear @#%$ In The Woods?

As a teenager, on various jobs, I must have heard that question a thousand times ... right after I had asked some other, apparently stupid question.

Curiously, the asker of the Bear question never answered his own question, but rather, simply stared at me with a expectant look on his face.

I suppose the asker did not know the answer either. Apparently, the question bothered them so much, that they would ask it out of the blue after I had asked some work related question.


Anyway, I now have photographic evidence that answers that question with no room for doubt.

The answer is Yes, they do.

Bear and I were on a woods walk/run yesterday when he stumbled upon this farkleberry bush with excellent cane carving potential. My life schedule this year hasn't allowed much time for wood carving, (remember the atlatl post? yup, still unfinished) but I can't help eyeballing deliciously shaped pieces of wood while walking my forest.

This one has a great handle and the upper part that is mostly out of sight is nice and straight. I may come back with the pruning saw after it goes dormant and take that piece.
The nice thing about farkleberry is, when you cut it, it just suckers like crazy and those suckers tend to be pretty straight shoots.
It's a very sustainable harvest which suits me just fine, since farkleberry also produces lots of berries for the migrant birds you snow birds send to me each year.

Since any walk with Bear is usually a combo run/walk event, I did some jogging and somewhere on this expedition, my cell phone bounced out of my shorts and into the jungle.
I searched for a long time, but did not find it ... didn't notice the loss until it was almost dark.
And of course, I keep it on a silent vibrate setting so it's doing a great job of hiding.
It's out there somewhere in the rain.

Also out there in the rain is the neighbor's cat. As I mentioned yesterday, I had a chicken go missing and the cat was one of the suspects.
Last night, I put a piece of bacon greasey papertowel in my Havahart trap near the chicken roost and surprise! A marauding cat is in the trap this morning.

I think I will let it stew in the drizzle a while longer ... clean cats are happy cats right? Then Bear and I will put the fear of GOD (read that in a mirror) in it when we release it and shooo it home.

Today, it 's dark, rainy, and dreary out side and I think after I post this, I'm heading out to see what's moving in the dampness.
I may just take Bear in the JEEP with me ... who knows what other questions he will answer for us?

Oh yeah, Bear answered this related question also.


LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks for making me smile this morning!

I think any and all wandering murderous cats deserve to have the fear of Bear put in them (and to stew in the drizzle for a bit longer, too!)

kevin said...

The second photo looks like crap.

Hurricane Teen said...

Careful, PETA might come after you for invasion of privacy!!

roger said...

never mind PETA, just give a dog some privacy. tho to be sure, bear does not seem perturbed at all to display answers to vexing human questions. could he be subtly or even overtly and comically mocking us?

Suwannee Refugee said...

Well, that question is answered. Now I can sleep tonight. Now, where did I put my phone??

Dani said...

It needs a good hosing.

Cathy S. said...

Oh, I left a phone out in the rain once. Not good. You might as well quit looking for it and go buy another one.

Deb said...

uhh...yeah...nice. I see enough dog leavings around here. Sally kind of likes the last pic though. ;)

Doug Taron said...

I was hoping this would be about finding the calling card of an ursine rather than canine bear. I think your phone is probably toast.

Thunder Dave said...

I've also seen bear aim at another target with his wiz! ;-)

I've been calling your phone so you can find it, but since it's on vibrate it probably won't help much! ;-)

Mark said...

Privacy? Dogs don't know the meaning of the word, for themselves or anyone else. Or maybe they do but they just don't care.

Now concerning cats we have another question: do all cats pee on the bedspread? When you're still in bed?

And another cat question: do all cats throw up on the bedspread? Twice? Once before the bedspread is dry cleaned and once immediately after you bring it home from being dry cleaned?

Native Mom said...

I could have gone the rest of my life without having that riddle solved for me so . . . visually!

cinbad122 said...

Really? Poop? Did we all need to see that? And if you lost your phone, how did you text me today? Don't worry...I think I will bring you cat pooping pictures!