Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rainy Ride

Bear and I headed south on US19 in a steady rain, which just got steadier, ... much steadier, the farther we travelled.

I had decided to cruise down to Yankeetown (yes, snowavians, there is such a place ... we tried to keep the infection contained long ago, but some escaped)


By the time I hit Inglis, roads were ponding and the rain showed no sign of letting up. I took a right on "Follow Your Dreams Avenue", and pointed the JEEP towardsthe Gulf of Florida.

The rain and a grey mist softened the fact that here, Florida crumbles into the sea.

Exceptionally tall, lanky cabbage palms were left wondering where the light went.

Bear barely fitting in the front seat. The rain was pounding on the canvas top, like a tent in the rain.
We did most of our photography from unzipped JEEP windows as the rain was relentless.
Poor Yankeetown, this was the weekend they picked for their seafood festival.
Tarp covered display tables and booths lined the road, while dejected festival folks floundered in frustration.

Bear looking out over the Cross Florida (not!) Barge Canal.

Eventually, Bear and I left Yankeetown and crossed the barge canal. There is a trail that follows the canal to the Gulf that we wanted to check out. There is major bridge construction going on at the bridge over the canal, but you can still wind your way through the heavy equipment to drive the trail.

We ran around in the rain a little here at a covered picnic area on the canal and then took shelter beneath it's welcome roof.
That building is a composting restroom.
It was welcome too.


Dani said...

Lovely rainy shots! We ended up with a slight misting around 8pm. but that was about it.

Thunder Dave said...

Rain or shine you can't beat a good view of the palm trees!

who wouda thunk it?? said...

I love those days.... send us some, will ya??!!

Floridacracker said...

This was a very intense, but very narrow band of rain. Mostly missed me to the north and y'all to the south.

Works for me too dude.

Who woulda,
Me too. All day heavy rains are a sweet break from all this sunshine.

Native Mom said...

Beloved and I took a tour of Yankeetown on the motorcycle last year. It's like the town that time forgot.