Saturday, November 14, 2009

Football Finality Finally

Last night was the final Friday night lights night for Junior, aka #3.
Since he started playing high school football, I have looked forward to this moment in time with a mix of emotions.
On one hand, I love that he loves it and I truly love watching him play.
On the other hand, I've dreaded that he might get hurt, ... the kind of hurt that follows ex-football players the rest of their life.
So I held my breath a little during that final game last night. He had made it this far, would the knee injury (... or worse) happen in this last game ?

It didn't.
In fact we played an amazing game and controlled the field all night. Junior caught difficult passes, made touchdowns, kicked field goals, and tackled in a display of multitasking awesomeness ... as if to say, "Hey, watch me go out with a bang!"

He made 7 out of 8 field goal attempts.

I think he missed this pass, but ... does he look cool,or what?

That Eagle spirit was watching over him I guess, because he didn't even seem sore after the game was over.

He doesn't always get chances to tackle due to his receiver role, but he played almost the entire game last night and wore many hats ... er, helmets.

It was not just the final season game, but also Senior Night. Senior student/athletes from football, band, and soccer were all honored at half time.
I don't think you could have asked for a more perfect Senior Night. The air was crisp, we won the game, and the seniors, not just Junior, had tons of playing time and made some amazing plays.
Without a doubt, the most amazing play of the night was made by Junior's lifelong friend, Kelby. Kelby is the quarterback and in one particular play, after the ball was snapped, it appeared he was getting sacked.
The announcer even began to pronounce the play as a loss, "AND IT LOOKS LIKE A LOSS OF YARDS FOR THE EAGLES ... NO, WAIT! HE'S BROKEN THAT TACKLE AND ..."
You probably had to be there, but picture the quarterback falling back as the opposing players close in, surely this is a sack, ...they grab him, he breaks free, zigzags ... you think well okay, maybe we will get a few yards out of this, ... and then he emerges from a crowd of opponents and flies about 60 yards down field for a touchdown.
It was pretty.
Kelby is the handsome dark haired guy in the picture below.

These two have been best buds since they met in kindergarten. It is that rare friendship that lasts for a lifetime and will benefit them both as they go forward. They have both grown into two fine young men who are the complete package ... brains, muscle, honor.
Last night will also stick with them for a lifetime, one of those shining moments, they will recall and rehash, over and over again ... and so they should.
It was just a little magical out there last night.
So, Football ends.
Basketball practice begins at 10:00 am this morning.


Pablo said...

I, too, loved to watch my children play sports. There is a kind of beauty in it that you can't see elsewhere, even when someone else's kid does the very same thing.

Curiously, it was in soccer that my son gained his lifetime injury, getting his knee torn up.

I'm glad the seniors had a great night. They really deserve it. Each one of them.

Caroline said...

Ditto what Pablo said, my girls were/are band and drama kiddos.
Go Seniors!

Deb said...

What a proud night for the seniors! Great job Junior!

Our HS football team plays their first state tournament game in about two hours. Go Eagles! (great team name!)

Anonymous said...

Love the 4th shot. So happy it was a great night for everyone.


robin andrea said...

A perfect senior night, one they'll probably remember when they are senior citizens!

cndymkr / jean said...

Great job!

kathy a. said...

sounds like junior is having a heck of a senior year!

vicki Bennett said...

Great football post! I love the photos and that it was such a great game for him. He's incredibly cool looking in that last photo with Kelby.

Kimberlee said...

Wow! I can't explain it, but this post almost made me cry! Between your photos and skillful storytelling, it felt a movie, but better! I'll bet the whole thing was even more meaningful for the kids whose parents were there to witness it. They might not say it at that age, but the "Daddy watch me" instinct never dies! :)

Woodduck said...

Congrats to all...

TROLL Y2K said...

Congrats to Junior and the team. You typed 7 of 8 "field goals". Did you mean "field goals and extra points"? 8 field goal attempts is pretty rare.

Floridacracker said...

That line is purty funny buddy.

Go Seniors! Go Band!

I hope they won that game!

Thanks Patti! I couldn't resist that shot.

I'm pretty sure they will!

They did good!!

Kathy A,
I think he's having a great time.

He likes to think he is incredibly cool ... don't encourage him!
:) thanks

Thank you. It was a pretty special evening and yes, I agree on the "watch me" thing!


Yes, you are right, I meant extra point kicks. He only missed one all night.

Aunty Belle said...

loved loved loved this heah post.HOORAY junior!

Great pics, Dad.

cinbad122 said...

Judy says Kelby was Tim Tebow-esk (did I spell that?) It was a great game for all those proud mamas & papas!

Dani said...

I'm late, I'm late!

Congrats Jr. on a great game! Everyone on this blog is so happy for you. :)

kevin said...

Friends since kindergarten, how'd they do that?

Miz S said...

Aw. Dude. I'm a little choked up here. I'm so happy that his last football game was perfectly wonderful.