Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rocking Around The Glock

Almost everything needed for a fun morning at our range.
Not shown:
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection ... we double up with foam inserts and muff style.

Emma in action. She has just fired. The ejected casing appears in the upper left corner of the target.

We had an impromptu family gathering this weekend, complete with BBQ animals. We had expected the very immediate FC crew to be home for Junior's last football game, but my brother surprised my folks by scooping them up and driving them over from St. Augustine.

The menu? Ribs, chicken, mac and cheese, Selmo salad, squash casserole (blechhh), and a new recipe chocolate pie that was pretty amazing.

That was Saturday and we all had a great time. Emma wanted to shoot though and there just wasn't time to squeeze it in on Saturday, so she and I did some shooting Sunday morning.

We are both pretty handy with the pistol ... (Uncle Sam gave me a piece of paper that says I am an expert).

However ... we both had been on a long hiatus and were expecting to be rusty... and we were a little.
Mostly the routine and muscle memory of good technique training earlier pulled us through, but we both of us had areas to work on.
She really impressed me with her accuracy and form since it had been over a year since we had done any shooting.

Emma and I have competed in Glock's very fun competitions that happen around the country. Unfortunately, the first one I ever took her to was the Jacksonville meet with way too many people and long waiting lines. She was barely a teenager then and I think it was boring for her.

So, I never got her back to another one, and after awhile I had so many conflicts with the competition dates that I quit going too.

Maybe we can make one together in 2010.

All of our shooting Sunday took place at about 20 feet from the target. We took it nice and slow, just focusing on technique and accuracy.

Some work to do on the usual errors that rusty shooters make ... smooth trigger pull, site picture, and the dreaded anticipatory flinch ... but those are easily corrected by shooting more often ... woohoo!

Check out that smile when she finishes!

The two dropped shots are not from this round of fire ... and yes, I did those.

Dang it.


Thunder Dave said...

Awesome shooting!

vicki Bennett said...

Yikes. I'm impressed and beyond that, yikes. I can't think of anything else to say. I know! Impressive shooting there! Yikes!

kevin said...

Nice shooting. I wanted to shoot today but home projects got in the way. I'm taking some time off next week and plan on getting to the range.

Shoot more, shoot more often.

Pablo said...

I'm impressed. Just one more way to give a young person self confidence and an understanding that practice and hard work have a payoff.

Question: I realize the volume of your shooting on your range is negligible, but do you worry about lead poisoning in the soil there? I know some ranges up here have had issues with that.

TROLL Y2K said...

Nice shooting. Don't forget the Throwdown on Wednesday!

Do you do any inner-webs tricks to publicize your blog?

Guess who was TOP-OF-THE-PAGE for the search term "selmo salad".

Anonymous said...

Wow, what aim she has! The first gun I ever shot was a black powder, the second my ex's Ruger Redhawk. Almost knocked me over.


threecollie said...

Nice shooting! I like the place you have to work on it too. Very nice!

cndymkr / jean said...

Great job! I'm really impressed with her accuracy.

Miz S said...

Josh watched this over my shoulder and is VERY impressed with Miss Emma. Despite my knee-jerk liberal views I like guns and would like to know how to shoot. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Sayre said...

My Dad's all hot to teach my son to shoot. At age 10, he's interested but leery. I think 12 might work better for him...

Love the smile at the end!

Kimberlee said...

What is Selmo salad?

Deb said...

This makes me think I really must get to know my .22 pistol more.

Doug Taron said...

Very impressive skills on Emma's part. Also, amazing second photo where you got the ejected casing.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Nice Shooting Emma!
That's a great range you've got there.

SophieMae said...

Nice shootin'g, Emma Oakley! It's been a few years since I've shot anything at anything. Many, MANY years since I handled a Glock.

Hey, my word is hibwoods. A near miss of hitwoods. 8-] Yeah, I come up with some strange amusments waiting for dial-up.

SophieMae said...

LOL, just noticed the g that snuck in, tryin' to mek me tawk rat. Fat chance. *heh*

lisa said...

I got my first hand gun a couple of years ago and of course I love it. Need more practice with it though. We finally belong to the gun club that is about a mile away. So, we can go target shooting any time we want!

Floridacracker said...

She's pretty awesome!

Yikes is appropriate.

9mm is pretty scarce around here.

I sift out the rounds after a session, so not much gets left behind. I also use lead free ammo when I can find it. Kinda pricey. This was not lead free, so I need to go sift.
Pretty easy when most of the shots go in one small area.

Selmo salad is (was) a secret family recipe, so it makes sense that my post introducing it to the world would be at the top.

I expected her to be much rustier!

Thanks! I dug that out myself.

I think she had a good instructor :)

Miz S,
You will probably love the challenge.

12 is good.

Search this blog for it. John Selmo lived with my Mom's family as a boarder and gave her a wonderful vinaigrette recipe.

Familiarity breeds competency.

Thanks, hard to catch it with digital delay.

Thanks! I love my range.

LOL! Emma Oakley!

Lucky you! Nice to have a range so close.

kevin said...

I think 9mm is scarce everywhere. I shoot a .45 and .40, there isn't much of that either.

rick said...

a shooting range and a expert female shooter dosnt get much better,wow Emma thats impressive!