Monday, November 30, 2009

Introducing Max and Harley

A few introductions ...

The bright-eyed fellow above is "Max". He is the new pet of daughter Katie and her sweetheart, Conner.
Officially Max belongs to Conner.
Yeah ... right.
Max is a rescue dog and shows every sign of being a great dog ... in a nonLabrador context. He and Bear get along great and they had lots of real quality play time over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The other introduction I need to make is "Harley".
Harley is one of those tiny goldfish that fairs give away as prizes.

Harley came to me in a weird bit of serendipity ... and you know how I love Sara.

Remember the post about Junior's ditch stuckage due to deer? I would not have Harley if not for that event.
It went like this ...

  1. Jr drives into ditch.
  2. I pull him out and he drives to school.
  3. But, his tire goes flat.
  4. In the afternoon, I take the tire off and go to Walmart.
  5. They fix the tire.
  6. That evening I head back to school to change the tire so Junior can drive home after basketball practice.
  7. FFA is having their annual Fall Festival that night on the other side of campus.
  8. I arrive at school and begin changing the tire in the dark.
  9. As I am crouched down working the jack, I hear angry voices.
  10. I listen.
  11. A fight is about to happen and they don't know I am there due to my position.
  12. I curse to myself, shouldn't even be here, off duty ....arrrghhh.
  13. I stand up and walk toward the fight.
  14. Only it's a small mob scene and it breaks out as I approach.
  15. I yell to them to stop.
  16. They don't, and it's like MMA with vicious blows being thrown.
  17. I pull out the cell phone and announce to everyone that I am calling 911 and will see that they are arrested.
  18. "Friends" start trying to separate the fighters.
  19. 911 answers and I tell them what's going on.
  20. The deputy arrives immediately as she was already at the fair.
  21. I give her the lowdown, she deals with the fighters.
  22. I go back to finish changing my tire.
  23. A girl named Harley and her boyfriend walk over to talk.
  24. Harley says she won this goldfish and doesn't know what to do with it.
  25. Harley the fish comes home with me.

Simple really.


TROLL Y2K said...

Was the dog rescued or is he trained to rescue others?

Either way, he's a handsome devil.

threecollie said...

That is amazing! Although not exactly simple. lol Max looks like a real cool fellow.

Dani said...

I love Katie and Conner's pup! A downright cutie for sure.
Harley is a handsome fellow too. Just not as cute as the puppa. :)

Glad you weren't hurt out there.

Thunder Dave said...

Ah yes, youth and testosterone what a great combination!

So now you need to get a black fish named Davidson! ;-)

Pablo said...

Max is a good name for a dog (I happen to know).

We have a fish much like Harley. His name is Jeff.

swamp4me said...

Cute dog -- in an non-Lab way, of course ;)
I had a feeder fish from a fair once - it lived for years and years and years. May Harley do the same.

cndymkr / jean said...

I love how after 25 steps you it with "simple really". I'm glad you were there to keep things from getting to ugly.

Anonymous said...

What dad, no PPDog comments/stories? lol. I was preparing for a PP-Puke Dog hashing lol. Love ya! -Katy Bug

Cathy S. said...

What an interesting life you lead! Me, too. Today, I glued eyes on a gecko! Max is a cutie. Harley? Can a fish be cute?

robin andrea said...

That Max is such a pretty pup. He looks like he's going to be very fine dog. Harley is a fish with a lot of very good luck. New address: Pure Florida!

W.R. said...

FC, that story is so fishy, I can harley believe it.

Doug Taron said...

Who knew that the FFA were such a rough crowd?

kathy a. said...

max is a fine pup! well, you left a few things out of the post about the ditch.... glad everything turned out OK.

Miz S said...

So wait. Is Max sorta kinda your grand-puppy? I have 4 grand-cats, so I know about these things. Email me if you need any advice about Christmas presents or anything.

I love the 25 steps for acquiring a random fish. Also, I would like to formally register my disapproval about the practice of offering animals as prizes. Not all those fish are lucky enough to end up at PFHQ. Hmmph.

Am I talking too much?

Floridacracker said...

Thanks all for welcoming the critters and the puns!

Miz S,
I so agree on this cruel practice. Most of those fish probably did not survive the night.
You'd think FFA would know better.