Friday, November 20, 2009

Unruly Ungulates Unroaderize Underling

Just as I got busy in my classroom, a little before 8:00am, the phone rang ...
I let my teacher pal next door know I needed her to take my kids for a while and off I went.
Lucky for Junior, I keep rope and other useful thingies in the JEEP for just such an occasion. When I arrived, it was clear that we had been pretty lucky.
The car was mired in soft mud, with no tree or power pole nearby to inflict damage.
It was pointing the opposite direction he had been traveling.
Also, the skid marks on the pavement showed he had spun around at least twice, ... he said it felt like three, before sliding sidewayish into the ditch.
The relief you feel when they are okay after this sort of thing is a welcome feeling and the extra relief of no serious car damage is like icing on the cake.
I'm sure the deer are quite relieved also since he missed them ... are you listening Katie?
I was dressed down for Friday, and there was no need for both of us to get dirty, so I got down on my knees and did the necessary rigging to pull him out with the JEEP.
The JEEP tugged him out of the mud with hardly a grunt and soon he was on his way.
I headed home to change my muddy clothes ... much to the delight of Bear who operates on DogTime, which means he thought I was home for the evening.
Of course, I had only been gone for an hour and a half, but in Dog Think, I left for work, I came back ... it must be long walk/dinner time.
He was a little confused when I turned around and left.
Before I could get to work, Junior called me with the new that the rear tire had gone flat as he pulled into school.
Oh goody.
How did your Friday go?


rick said...

Someone was looking out for Jr when he hit the soft grass and dirt I am surprised it didnt roll over. Blessed that only a tire was injured.

Sandcastle Momma said...

That was a close one! Glad he's ok.

threecollie said...

Wow, scary, glad no harm was done to anyone or anything.

Anonymous said...

Glad he is okay. Well, that's all three of them. Hopefully that's it forever.


Deb said...

Glad it was a minor Junior escapade.

I guess my day was a lot better than yours. After I ascertained the fact that I was not really needed at work today, I took off early and saw an abundance of swans.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I'm surprised it was still wet: our road ditches are getting on the dry side down here.

But did you hear?

El Nino rains are on their way in a week or two, or so I read.

cinbad122 said...

Mine went good but I didn't see you since you came late and I left early. Doctor! :)

edifice rex said...

I think it's kinda funny that it's apparently no big deal for you to leave your class like that to go pull him out of the mud! I mean, I wonder how different it would be if you were in a big city system. Now, if he had been hurt it would be a different thing all together and very glad he was not. Darn deer around here pull stunts like that all the time.
And I hope that Jr. did, at least most, of the tire changing. They (the girls too) need to learn those things, not that I'm being bossy or anything.

Floridacracker said...

To All,
I agree, that was a close one.
We are so deer rich around here it's like running a guantlet sometimes.

I'm glad he was paying attention, not as thrilled with his car handling since it should have been possible to stop without the spins.
I think he and I should go for a back road ride and practice a few things.

We did use the tire changing as a lesson since he had asked me about that awhile ago.

Pablo said...

I took to day day off and went to the woods. No mishaps (though my road needs help).

Dani said...

I'm so glad he's ok!!

Nothing special for my Friday. Cleaned the frog and snake tanks and then moved on to the coops. While I was doing that Ollie had a good roll in the mud and then bolted for the house. Nice. Gonna be carpet cleaning here in just a little while. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

robin andrea said...

That's the way to have that experience, spinning and going off the road, and no one hurt. Good. Glad that's over with. A lesson in tire changing is a good thing too.

kevin said...

Glad to hear ok. And lucky there wasn't a tree or power pole in the way.

Did he have the "steer into the skid" class?

Thunder Dave said...

My Friday was long, but uneventful!