Sunday, December 13, 2009

Katie's Birthday and The Weekend So Far

Friday, from 5 to 7 pm, ten of my nineteen soccer girls practiced in 47 degree, misty conditions for two hours, and then it was hop in the JEEP and head to Chiefland for Junior's basketball game.
According to the schedule, I should have arrived at the gym just as the varsity boys game was starting, but other previous games had stalled and delayed his game.

I was relieved at that news as it meant I could hit Mcstarbucks for some pretty decent coffee and a chance to just chill for 30 minutes or so.

When I pulled up to McD, the bike and bike trailer below was parked directly in front of me.

Confession: At first, I thought that said "BikiniDon" and actually texted a friend that. I thought that blonde underwear wearing, guitar playing, singing Cowboy dude was in McD's ... although, a damp 47 degree night did not seem conducive to that form of dress ... even in Florida.

So, it turned out to be "BikinDon" not "Thong Don" or whatever someone in underwear only might call themselves as they desperately seek attention.
Anyway ... That is BikinDon with his back to us.

I landed in a booth next to him and since he was talking on the phone, I got an ear full. It sounded like he was warming up and updating friends as he made a bunch of calls. I sipped my coffee and watched as students and former students of mine filtered in and out, grabbing their fries and burgers, or just hanging out. I had forgotten how busy a fastfood joint can be on a Friday night.

At some point, with my coffee almost gone, and a basketball game to get to, I heard BikinDon tell someone on the phone that he was going to continue biking that evening and try to make Lebanon Station.

It was windy, cold, and wet outside and Lebanon Station was another 20 miles through forest and swamp. I had already garnered via his phone call conversation that he just camped along the side of the road when he was ready to stop.

I stood up to go and spoke to him, telling him that he might want to set his sights on the Waccasassa River bridge near Gulf Hammock if he wanted a good spot to spend the night. It wasn't too far from his goal, and there was a vacant old house right next to the bridge. He could pull around behind to get out of the wind and out of sight of the highway.
Just a thought...

He liked that idea and found it on his folded, well worn map.

I wished him luck and went off to my son's game.

This game went like the last few had, our guys played hard, but the other team played better. When it was over, I went home and crashed, until Bear awoke me predawn for a walk.

After a cup of coffee, I woke Junior up and we loaded "Tyrion" the fair pig for her registration and ear tagging. It was raining and cold, but it went pretty smoothly and we managed to do the job with minimal stress for her. We rigged a tarp over the front of the trailer to block the wind.

I tied the tarp on the passenger side of the trailer, Junior tied the tarp on the driver side.

After about 4 miles, his side was loose and flapping in the wind.

"Way to tie those knots, NonBoyscout."

I guess we will have to have a knot tying lesson. (For the record, I was never a scout)

After we returned the pig to her home pen, I went inside to check on you bloggers for a little while and try to get a post up.

I was sitting right here, like I am now, when the clothes dryer made loud thump.
"The dryer isn't turning" said the laundress of the moment.

I popped the top off and sure enough, the belt had broken.


No store locally carried the part, but a store in Gainesville had a bunch ... 40 miles away.

Oh well, I had to go there anyway much later in the day for Katie's 22nd birthday. I cleaned up quick and zipped off to the big city in a hurry since they closed early on Saturday.

Once I had my part, I killed time in Books A Million and a few other stores, trying to avoid the Christmas shopping hordes and traffic.
I'm buying almost everything online this year and I am LOVING it.

Eventually, it was time to celebrate the birthday girl, so I headed to one of the local Japanese Steak Houses ... her choice.

The first and last time I ate at one of these was when I lived in Savannah, before I had kids. That should convey how I feel about them.
I believe cooking should happen in the restaurant kitchen. Also, I do not want to sit with strangers or have the chef two feet in front of me throwing eggs and knives around ... even if he was a funny guy.

Plus, if your seasoning repertoire consists of sugar, salt, and soy ... well, I can do better.

That's not to say it wasn't a fun dinner, we had a very good time.

Here are my spawn and I poised next to the koi pond at the restaurant. The birthday girl is next to me.
Just for the record, today is Katie's actual birthday.
Among other things, we gave her a copy of "The MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL" movie. She was thrilled. She texted me later that evening and told me she was watching it already.
That's my girl. Muppets rule.

I was a little (alot) distracted by the koi. They were huge! The small ones in this picture are six to eight inches long.

Today, the birthday girl and her beau, Conner, are off to Disneyworld. She gets in free on her birthday, and as a future teacher, she knows the value of a bargain.
I will be going to Dryerworld in a few minutes. The laundry is starting to pile up.
If you read this far, that is the weekend at Pure Florida so far ...

Oh one more thing, we didn't do the usual cake with candles, blow out the candles, make a wish sorta thing, so we substituted a gong strike, or two, or three, or four ... I was afraid the manager might come kick us off the premises.

You go girl!


Pablo said...

Take a break, dude. You're wearing me out!

Tyrion? Is there a story behind that name.

Also, Katie's hair looks darker than usual, even darker than in the photo you posted of her earlier in the week.

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Flapping tarp stop for me was when I picked up daughter #2 at end of a college year, two competing hopeful suitors (both farm boys)loaded pick-up and tied down the tarp (what did I know about that). Daughter and I fixed it right about 15 miles down the road.

Love internet Christmas shopping, hate hordes!

Enjoy your chilly rain, it is flakey and +3 in the Black Hills at the moment.

robin andrea said...

Happy birthday to Katie!

What a beautiful pic of you and the kids. Mrs FC must have taken that one, thus maintaining her mysterious elusiveness, like a wonderful shy bird.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Happy Birthday to Katie!

I need to get my eyes checked. I first read bong strike. I was like...huh???

Have a good rest of Sunday!


cndymkr / jean said...

Ok, how could you not love those restaurants? It's entertainment and a meal. Plus you don't have to clean up afterwords. I love them.

I hope your daughter had a great birthday and enjoys Disney!

Dani said...

Happy Birthday Katie! Have a great day at Disney.

Deb said...

Happy birthday Katie!

As the picture shows, you sure do have some good looking spawn. Of course, they had to inherit some of that from you. :)

Floridacracker said...

Tell me about it pal. What a treadmill! Yes, one never knows what shade Katie's hair might be.

We hit 3 degrees back in Dec 89. Not since.

Her secret agent contract does not allow public photos. :)

G O N G! I don't think Bongs are good luck!

It was not that bad. Not having to clean up is a plus.

I just talked to her and she did!

Floridacracker said...

They may be adopted.
Thank you for the kindness.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

It's a busy season: I can relate to grabbing the cup of Joe at McDonalds.

Freste said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your wee one!

Geeze FC, how on earth do you stuff so much adventure into one tiny little day like that?

Miz S said...

Busy weekend, dude. Happy birthday to your baby girl. And I hope the 2 hour practice pays off for your soccer girls. Have a great week at work. It's countdown to vaaaa-cation!

Floridacracker said...

Tastes as good as Tenbucks to me.

Was that adventure? ... cause it really felt like tasks.
Well, not the birthday part.

Miz S,
I hear ya teach. Just a few more days!

billg8tr said...

My daughter Katie turned 14 on the 13th also. How serendipitous is that?


Floridacracker said...

Waaaaay serendipitous! Happy Birthday to her!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Katie...What I like the best is seeing the Birthday girl with sandals on in DECEMBER!!! YEA!!! Can't wait to move down!

Felicia said...

All the best to Katie! She's lucky to have you for a dad.
And it cracks me up that you refer to G'ville as "the big city". When I moved to Gainesville from Los Angeles last year, I practically died of claustrophobia (only ONE interstate highway cuts through town??) It's funny how different people can see the same thing in such different ways!

Thunder Dave said...

Happy belateed birthday Katie, and ditto what Lightnin said (although I wear flipflops all year too, but just in the house this time of year). ;-)

Rurality said...

What a cute couple they are. I didn't get in anywhere free on my birthday, but they do tend to give me the senior discount these days, without my asking. (I take it!)

Floridacracker said...

Shorts today!

LOL! Perception is reality!

Flipflops ... ugh. I never wear them, Jr lives in them!

Hmmm, the AARP junk mail is bad enough.