Thursday, January 28, 2010


This avocet was dibbling late in the day at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge last December. It looks like he got something ... perhaps a snail on that last dunk.

The name "avocet" sound so tres Francais, that I had to Googly it.
Alas, no translation came back, just variations of the word in Italian and French.
Apparently, it's just the name of the bird.


Dani said...

They are GORGEOUS!

cndymkr / jean said...

What a bizarre looking beak on such a cute bird.

Aunty Belle said...

nice bird, but ah...whar's the slaw recipe fer the previous post?

Aunt Dorrie used ter make a slaw wif' shredded apples and cabbage that she sprinkled wif' chopped roasted peanuts --not bad,but tell us yore version.

AN--whas' junior's charcter fer the Faire? Did ya finish the shield?

lisa said...

Never heard of it, but it is a neat bird!

Floridacracker said...

I have to agree! Not a bird I get to see very often either!

Pretty unusual, but I guess it serves it's purpose when you are swooshing through the mud in search of food.

Actually, I am not much of a slaw fan. When I do eat it, I like it coarse, peppery, and not gooped up with mayo.
Junior is totally addicted to a series of books by George R. Martin ... A Clash Of Kings, A Game of Thrones.
He is set to go as a character called Jon Longclaw. Shield is almost done, tonight I will put the straps on the backside.

It's not that common down here either, I rarely see them.

Native Mom said...

I would have guessed that Avocet was some new pharmaceutical.

AJB said...


"This species gets its English and scientific names from its black cap, as once worn by European advocates or lawyers."

AJB said...

I take it back.

"Avocet is the Anglicized form of the Italian "avocetta" and "avosetta," the origins of which are unknown. Newton, with great hesitation, suggests that the Italian is derived from the Latin "avis," to which a diminutive suffix indicating gracefulness is added. This charming idea is not, however, generally accepted."

Thunder Dave said...

I figured it would have had something to do with the curved beak, but you know those crazy biologists and their naming systems! ;-)

robin andrea said...

The only place I ever saw Avocets was up on the northwest coast of California. They are such beautiful birds. I could see one everyday and never be bored.