Friday, January 15, 2010

Chet The Smooth Ibis

He: "So, it's decided then, we are going to the lily pad slough for snails and crawfish."
She: "Yes, that's fine."

He: "It's this way."
She:"No, I believe this is the way to the slough."
He: "I KNOW it's this way."
She: "You could ask that heron for directions."
He: "I don't need to ask anyone for directions, I KNOW how to get there."
She: " You're just being stubborn, Bill."
He: " Bill? My name is Chet."
She: "CHET? Oh ... I'm so sorry, all you white ibis look alike."
He: "No, problem babe, ... you come here often?"
She: "Oh yes, we single girls flock to this place every evening."

He: "Soooo, where did you say this lily pad place is?"

She: " That way ... we take a right here and it's not far at all."

He: "Lead the way babe. You can tell me about yourself while we walk."


Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

I am so happy that you realize that it's always best to listen to us.

Of course Bill, umm, I mean Chet doesn't quite get that she now has him under her wing.

So to speak.


kevin said...

We flock here.....I get it.

robin andrea said...

I'm glad he finally made the right decision. They look like they're going to make a very cute couple.

Thunder Dave said...

Top 5 Symptoms of cabin fever:

5. The feeling that the walls are closing in on you.
4. A feeling of restlessness and/or irritability.
3. Sleeplessness.
2. Hearing voices in your head.
1. Writing script for voiceovers of photographs of animals, and saying them out loud to yourself! ;-)

Dani said...


Yep, just keep your beak shut and listen to the lady.

Mockingbird said...

Chet is a lucky bird.
That gal is HOT!

Aunty Belle said...

liked yore Chet & lady, the crackin' ice (Uh..does ya still raise tilapia? Is it worthwile or too hard fer the few ya git--really curious, doan know nuthin' on this topic)an'The cooper hawk.

Years ago me an Uncle (we's at UF in them days) had a special place in an oak hammock we liked to go to fer a picknic, an' it wuz overlookin' Payne's Prairie. Special place.

Floridacracker said...

I learned that a loooong time ago!

Subtle huh? Pretty good for an old guy.

Yeah, we wise up eventually.

Only problem is ... not trapped in a cabin ... just that way all the time.

We hear and we obey!

Yeah, but which one is she? LOL!

Got something for you in a new post. Tilapia to come.
Hope Uncle is mending.