Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Searching For Moccasins In A Winter Swamp

Last week, after a chore walk around Twig Forest, I drove to a nearby swamp to look for moccasins.

This place is usually a sure thing for those irritable, well camoufaged snakes. My goal was to find a smallish (no need to tempt fate) one to get some photos of my snakeproof boots in action.

It was a chilly day, and I hoped I could find one sunning and soaking up some heat. Then, I would irritate him just a little, he would strike at the toe of my boot, I would snap a great action shot ...


Only, it was just a little too chilly, and the mocs were snuggled up somewhere out of sight. Any other day and I'm picking my way through them ... or stumbling in to them.
... there's never a poisonous snake around when you want one.

I'm sure I'll get a chance at that photo on another day, but in the meantime, here's some swampy scenes.

Even here in the subtropics, we get buttressed trees that bring to mind the Amazon's Ceiba tree ... or some of the cathedrals of Europe (the latter may only come to mind if you've travelled or sat through a boring as hell "Art History" class in college).

Winter is still Fall here in North Florida. Leaf color is actually peaking on Sweetgums and Maples, while Hickories and Gums are pretty bare already.

Decomposers posing proudly.

After a while traipsing through this swamp, it became pretty clear that there were not going to be any moccasins out and about. I found this great tree that had fallen and lodged at a walkable angle ... sweet.

Walking up it gave me a new perspective on the swamp beneath me. If there had been more light time, I would have settled in to see what came strolling beneath me. The swamp trees were tall and the sun was low already, which would rule out any decent photos soon.

Plus, I had walked in with the sun at my back and I was planning on using it to walk out, so I didn't stay too long in my lofty perch.


Thunder Dave said...

I think next year Santa needs to bring you night vision capability for your camera(s)!

Nice boots by the way, I have a feeling I'm goig to need some before too long! ;-)

Thunder Dave said...

Oh I forgot to mention: 21F here and we're expecting 4-7 inches of snow tomorrow, so hopefully I can finally get some nice shots of the White Water River with snow covered banks!

Sandcastle Momma said...

As I was reading about your plan I could hear my grandmother's voice saying "Lord, that chile ain't got good sense" LOL
Too bad you didn't find one though - that would make great photos!
Since you're testing them - will they protect you from rattlers too?

Dani said...

Hehehe. I guess they didn't get the memo.

Beautiful pictures as always.

robin andrea said...

Nice swamp scenes there. Looks like a fun place to hike around, especially with those snake-proof boots.

SophieMae said...

LOL, I was thinking exactly what SC Momma said. You forgot to add the 'the boy ain't right' label. Chil', did you stop and think about what if he aims high? If you want to see a boy less right than yourownself, check out this veejo.

Floridacracker said...

Brrr. 26 here this morning, which beat the predicted low. Tonight may be the really cold one. Chance of snow(slight) Friday.

They are supposed to, but I'm not gonna purposefully test em on anything big and tres fangy.

Who knew cottonmouths were such slackers?

I like the looking up through the leaves pic best.

Height and fang length is why I was gonna pick on a small one, even though I think these boots are the real item.
I will check out that vid!

Miz S said...

I cannot WAIT to see video of you messin' with a snake. Hope the weather warms up soon.

Anonymous said...

But why are you looking for shoes in a swamp when you have a perfectly good pair of boots?

Ericka said...

why am i not surprised? you get snake boots, OF COURSE you must go hunting poisonous snakes, all alone, to test them. and they wonder why men don't live as long...

Floridacracker said...

Miz S,
The weather is going the OTHER way!! I WILL get that shot, but not until warmth returns.

Now a woman would associate moccasins with a shoe shopping trip wouldn't she?

That is probably the reason. Actually, being high in that tree alone was probably more hazardous than the snakes.