Friday, January 08, 2010

Strange Substance Found In Florida

Yesterday, as I walked past the pond on my way to the JEEP, I noticed something amiss at the koi pond.

The water was behaving in a very unPureFlorida manner.


Perhaps some of you who live north of the beautiful St. Marys River can explain this phenomenon?

The forecast low for tonight is 19 with a windchill of 2 degrees.

And then there is this forecast ... Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!


Deb said...

welcome to my world...well, a "lite" version of it anyway...

Dani said...

It would be so neat to see snow fall!

threecollie said...

I have seen that stuff! Do you live where the iguanas are falling out of the trees?

robin andrea said...

How fun! I hope you get snow, fc. It's white and pretty and very cold. I think you'll recognize it when it quietly falls all around you.

Anonymous said...

What was that address again? I have a box of stuff to send you, and it won't even melt when it gets there.

Floridacracker said...

Very lite!! 36 @ 9:40 pm.

I hope your girl gets to see it!

No, but if I did, I'd be scooping up that exotic species and trash compacting them.

I remember seeing it in lands to the north. I await it's return.

Are you mailing me excess Chicago snow?

Ericka said...

omg, you made me laugh. "what's happened to my WATER?" you poor thing.

but, now that you've experienced cold, you are now entitled to experience the joy and wonder of HOT CHOCOLATE! so, not all bad.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Any fish in there?

Check this out:

They should have kept it open!


Sayre said...

I had ice on my pool a couple of mornings ago.

If we were going to get snow, this morning would have been our shot. Of course it warmed up to 36 overnight, so all we got was rain. Boo! Hiss! We wanted SNOW!

Kimberlee said...

I was going to say that now you're all set for a little ice fishing, but then I remembered you are sort of the Papa of those little guys below the ice, so that probably wouldn't be the right move. :)

Floridacracker said...

Wren Again,
Hey, it just occurred to me that you might have been talking about books for our school. BHS, POB 189, Bronson, FL 32621

heehee, Yes, bring on the hot chocolate!

Ha! I went there and who would have thought that would be a problem in FL?
There are two koi and two comets under the ice.

You know it's cold when a Floridian says, "... but it warmed up to 36"
We still have a shot, but it's always a slim one.

Yes, I'm too fond of those fish to fry them... although they might relish the warmth.

Pablo said...

I have a whole lake like that, plus mounds of snow in my front yard I can hide behind.

Didja break the ice so the critters could get a drink?

Dani said...

I see snow on the radar!!! SNOW!!! My garden is toast, but who cares when there's a chance to see actual snow! YIPPEEEEEEEE!

I feel bad for John though. He's out lending his guys a hand today doing tower cleanings. What a miserable day they're having.

Dani said...

Hehehe. I just saw your comment to 3C. I wonder if we'll get the chance to do that with the cuban tree frogs today?

Nicolezmomma said...

Check out WickedGardener's Post

There is a small chance more of us Floridians will get some snow! Yeah!

cinbad122 said...

Yay!! You got the video to work! Stupid deep nines...

Felicia said...

At Paynes Prairie this morning, there were visible patches of ice on the water. And my husband and I noticed a lot of vultures feeding in the water, which isn't their typical behavior. Then we realized they were eating dead fish that had apparently frozen to death!
I hope your koi are okay!