Monday, January 11, 2010

Sweet 16

The temperature this morning was 16 F at my house. Some of my more inland coworkers reported 12 F on their fancy, shmancy car thermometer thingies.

The water pipes at school are frozen, hence we have no water coursing through the veins of the building.

Meanwhile, 700 kids are using the toilets which can't be flushed.

They are unable to wash their hands too.

I won't be doing any "high-fiving" today.

I have no idea how the lunchroom ladies are preparing lunch without water. That must be interesting.

Tonight's predicted low ... 17 F.

I have a soccer game NORTH of here at 6 pm.

How are things with you?


Deb said...

Amazing! Minnesotarctica and Floridarctica had matching temperatures!

Floridacracker said...

It's the grand conjunction!! Runaway, Runaway!
Floridarctica ... hee hee.

FYI to all,
As of 11:00am, we have water again.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Happy the water is back! I would probably still skip the school lunch!!

It was only 24 F here. Stay warm,


robin andrea said...

I'm glad the school got its water running. That seemed like the kind of thing a school would close down for. 16 degrees! 12 degrees inland. Are those record lows?

Pablo said...

We're actually warmer than that here in Missouri. I suppose we're experiencing the warmth that will find its way down to you by the weekend.

I agree with Robin; seems like the kind of weather that would shut down a school down there.

lisa said...

Oh, my, I watched the news on the freezing pipes down there! It has been since 79 that Miami had the low. You take care and hopefully the water comes back soon. I love our global warming!

Dani said...

Glad to hear the water is back on.

We got to around 27 last night. I'm not seeing a lot of cold damage on my natives, but the veggies took a real bad hit.

Thunder Dave said...

We're at 25F (wind chill at 17F) right now, with an expected 1" of additional snow to come later today. Tomorrow we shoudl start out with 18F and get to a high of 29F.
We've been sub-freezing for 11 days in a row now, but I never expected you guys to join us for as long as you have!

Thunder Dave said...

Hey I meant to ask is the new pic on the blog the St. Augustine light house?

Jen said...

My kids had an OUTDOOR hockey game yesterday morning. The temp was 16 degrees but the windchill was 6. That may be an OK temp for PLAYING hockey, but I have to tell you it's way too cold for watching it. I think my toes are still frozen. I wish you luck at soccer today. Wear at least 4 pairs of socks--two just isn't enough!

cndymkr / jean said...

I can't wait for our gas bill this month. Seriously. It's going to be huge. This old house can handle the low temps but those winds and wind chill temps are killers. I have my own natural way of keeping warm - hot flashes. They come in handy during the winter.

Suwannee Refugee said...

Now, I didn't know school lunchrooms were that clean to begin with or, for that matter, kid's hands:)

swamp4me said...

11 degrees at my house this morning. But, glory be! It's all the way up to 43 this afternoon!!

threecollie said...

I am so sorry that our weather jumped the fence and is running around down there. It is 26 up here.

Leigh said...

Way to cold for Cracker butt!!

Floridacracker said...

I'm a brown bagger so my pbj sandwich was waiting on me when I had a chance to eat it!

Close if not records. Have to check it out.

We carry on. Looks like that warmth is bringing rain.

I finally had a pipe bust in the garden yesterday.

Oh no! Your veggies are always so beautiful.

That lighthouse is the one at St. Marks. I went up there a few weeks ago, but haven't really posted about it yet.

It was my feet that froze at our last soccer game! That was one cold hockey game you endured.

I have seen the power behind feminine hot flashes and it is a wonder to behold.

Spotless describes our school kitchen pretty accurately. I just came from there after getting some ice for my soccer team cooler. The whole place is swabbed and disenfected each day.The lunchroom ladies have to work with the commodities they are given, but they do the best they can.

We've warmed up to about that too I think. Won't last long as we are on the cooling side of noon now.

Floridacracker said...

Get that weather undercontrol will ya? You must have an open gate somewhere.

LOL! You are spot on!

Caroline said...

OMG! You were 20 degrees colder than we were in SD! What the heck?
Would you like to borrow my good sheepskin mittens, I don't need them today. :o)

Miz S said...

How strange that we are having warmer temps here in Maryland than you guys down in Florida. Stay warm, FC!

I feel bad for the farmers...
And the animals...(But not the exotics!)

Doug Taron said...

It hit -4 here yesterday morning. A bit warmer today- our high was about where your low was.

LauraHinNJ said...

I'm feeling bad for you, for your cold, cause I'm used to it up here. I've had enough! Ready for Spring!

debbie said...

In my office I have a large print of the St. Marks light house. The print is almost identical to your St. Marks light house picture. The only difference is my print has shallow water in the area that your picture has sand. Other than that, the pictures are almost identical. I love St. Marks. We go scalloping there every summer.

Floridacracker said...

I know, WEIRD! I've been wearing gloves a lot this week, which is pretty strange.

Miz S,
Good answer!
If only we had snow.

Brrrr. -4!

You get used to this?

It's a beautiful place isn't it?

Jeaux said...

Seems there's been a massive die-off of snook along the west coast. Heartbreaking.