Friday, February 12, 2010


Gloomy Yankee weather has infiltrated my lovely state this week and picture ops have been few and far between.
I am feeling that pain as celebrating Florida nature is the "Prime Directive" here at PFHQ.

Now that my little bit of whining is over, let's eat.

Last week, Pablo of the always fascinating RoundRock Journal, posted a recipe for Kale Soup. It sounded really good, even though I gave up on Kale about 20 years ago after one unappetizing experience.

Perhaps it was time to reconsider Kale.

I hope Pablo and his better half, Libby, don't mind, but I tweaked it a bit.
I can't help myself ... I'm a tweaker.

I followed the basic setup, but subbed chorizo for kielbasa, great northern beans for kidney beans, and added mushrooms even though they were not called for.
Also, all I had was smoked paprika, so I used that in place of the recipe paprika.

Man, was it good!! I am now a Kale convert.

One day last week, I was not the first one home for a change and walked in to a ready to eat wonderful supper.
Chicken Tarragon over farfale pasta.
Exquisite .... especially since I did not have to cook that night.

(One of those wings is looking a little nekkid!)

Even though I don't watch football, the superbowl still sounded like a good excuse to fry up some hot wings.
My crew enjoyed them as they watched the game while I ate mine in the kitchen with Bear at my knee.
(No I did not give him any spicy chicken)

We had made too many baked potatoes a few nights earlier so Mrs. FC zapped them into twice baked potatoes. They were a nice accompaniment to the spicy wings and the cool salad.

That's just a few of the calorifinous capers this week.


Suwannee Refugee said...

FC-I'm feeling your cold weather pain and I live south of you.

cndymkr / jean said...

"Gloomy Yankee weather"? Toughen up old man. It is gorgeous out up here. The snow has stopped falling and the sun is out. We only got 18 inches but it is not Gloomy! It is Gorgeous. So there. (and sorry about the old man comment, I'm not sure where that came from.)

Felicia said...

Both of those chicken dishes look delicious--you should post the recipes. The rain and cold around here are putting me in the mood to cook--which is a good thing, since the lunar new year holiday and V-day hit simultaneously on Sunday, and both occasions call for feasts!

robin andrea said...

Tasty-looking food you have there, fc. I made a big pot of mushroom barley soup last night, and I almost photographed it, thinking of you!

Pablo said...

I'm glad you liked the kale soup and found your way back to its sublime goodness.

lisa said...

I haven't eatin yet and I am getting hungrier by the minute!

Pablo said...

Also, Happy Darwin Day!

Floridacracker said...

I don't mind the cold, just want some blue sky!!

It's just that usually yankee weather here is cold with clear blue skies ... wussup with all this grey?

Yeah Feasts! I made chicken noodle soup today... inspired by the cold!

Hey, picture next time!

It really was good. Yes, I said a happy birthday to the old man this morning.

Get thee to the kitchen!

myamuhnative said...

Grey weather.
Cold weather.Really cold for SoFl.
and tonite we had screaming winds and rain with severe t storm warning of 60 mph winds!
This is nutz!

PS try sauteeing Kale and then finish off steaming it with some added balsamic vinegar on top with craisins and pecans.
Awesome :)

Floridacracker said...

Sounds good... the kale that is.
That was... is ... some storm out there!

Dani said...

WAAAAAA! Sunshine where are you?

Floridacracker said...

It's here now!!

Miz S said...

I adore kale. I cook it in a frying pan with a little olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes until it's tender and then toss it with hot pasta.

"Toughen up, old man" is my new favorite saying. I can't wait to use it on Josh.

Deb said...

Glad you are now a kale convert. I have about six different varieties in my seed stash, waiting for spring.

roger said...

i add a pinch of sugar to both kale and chard while cooking. hot spice of some sort too.

nice looking food!