Monday, March 08, 2010

34 Seconds of Spring

My blueberry bushes are full of swollen buds and the earliest varieties are even blooming. We are still colder than normal although yesterday was a day where I stripped off my shirt while working in the sun, but put it back on when I moved to the shade.

The consistently cold nights are really unusual so late in the season. I keep running my baby datil peppers out during the day and in during the night.

The huge hog plum that stands next to the hog pen (how did it know?) is a cloud of white blossoms right now. Next to it stands a black cherry tree that is leafing out presently.
Both trees grew from seeds I planted years ago and both are too close to the garden. They were supposed to be moved while still young, but I didn't get around to that ... oops.

I love them too much to cut them down now, so I just garden around them. Both trees are adorned with tiny beginning tentcaterpillar nests.

They do a little temporary damage, but the yellow-billed cuckoos like em.
So, I leave em.

Here's 34 seconds of bottled springtime.

These are hogplum blossoms.

You can hear the real hog in the background along with bee buzz and bird song.

It doesn't get much springier than that.


robin andrea said...

Oh that does look and sound like spring. So beautiful and full of promise. We had a hint of it yesterday too, and then today it's back down to a cloudy 41.

threecollie said...

My, my that was a treat! We had a robin this morning though. Second one of the season and first to sing!

Carhy S. said...

So, what is the bird singing. The one that sounds like "teacher, teacher, teacher?" We have it hear and I can't figure out what kind it is.

Deb said...

That'll be here a month and a half from now! I don't know what that bird was, but it sounded nice!

word verification: pretiest

SophieMae said...

Bees! You have bees! We've had a few, but our hog plums are just wisps, not yet full-blown clouds. Glorious day today! We mowed and trimmed and cut down an in-the-wrong-place tree. And basked!!! Oh, and found a gopher hole! YAY!

Anonymous said...

I have not seen a hog plum before! Thanks for posting about it. My sound is off or I'd have joined in the buzzing; after coming to Florida for better weather I've been just about frozen out!

Miz S said...

Ah...a moment of Zen. Thanks, FC.

Dani said...

You get Yellow-billed Cuckoos?! They are so cool!

Nicolezmomma said...

I'm glad your blueberry flowers didn't get ruined by the cold we've had. I wonder if you will have a bumper crop with the cold winter.

Thunder Dave said...

Thanks for the glimpse into the future! We're finally warming up into the 60'sF this week, but with that comes a week of rain. The hops haven't pushed through the soil yet, but it won't be long now!

Bill said...

I have spent weeks trying to turn over my garden and get ready for spring. Of course now that it is almost here I am still not ready, thanks to the flu. Thanks for sharing and hopefully the ground will warm up soon. My tomatoes and peppers are getting too big for their containers.

Floridacracker said...

I enjoy the winter here, but this one is hanging on!

A bunch of those robins are dragging out their spring break here!

Cathy S,
A wren? I heard it as Cheater, cheater, cheater! LOL! Must be the teacher in me.

We'll be fussing about the heat and humidity then!

Sounds like a super day!

Look for blooming hog plums along those country roads you keep exploring. Clouds of white on a normally short, shrubby tree.

Miz S,
You needing Zen? Everything okay up there?

I only see them once in awhile. Posted a pic a long time ago.

The crop is looking good right now.

Buffet's going to the 'Natti.
Concert tickets are too rich for me these days.

Dude. Get the shot next year.
My tomatoes are getting anxious too. Datils are still tiny, tiny.

Wilbur said...

I love the sounds in the video.

Bill said...

Got both shots and still got a virus.