Saturday, March 13, 2010

Robins,Robins, Everywhere, and N'er A Pie To Bake

Yesterday was grey and rainy here in Pure Florida.
A drab day by most accounts, but not in my woods. My trees and the ground around them were alive with birds. All the locals, plus a bunch of twittery migrants moving through.
The most impressive migrants were the hundreds of robins on the forest floor, in the garden, on the lawn. They were everywhere.
Robins like that make me think of my Aunt Florence.
My cousin n law(?) John, told me a story once about the first time my cousin Linda brought him home to meet the parents. It was dinner time and the family sat down to a specialty of Aunt Florence's ... Robin Pie.
He said it was good.


TROLL Y2K said...

They're a rare sight in Troll County and I've never eaten them.

Twas good to see that you don't march in lock-step with the Union Goons in prior post!

Have you ever read any of the detailed suggestions about Teachers switching from Democrat Party Controlled Unions to a Professional Association with a PAC?

I think it would be a more effective voice for REAL Teachers if done right.

My PA and PAC gets things done because they lean on ANY Politician who proposes stupid legislation regardless of party or ideology.

Polar Opposite of the slaves-to-the-democrat-party Teacher's Unions.

LJ said...

Do you get the cute (English type) Robins in this country? I've never seen one.

threecollie said...

Oh, dear, robin pie...
I was really interested to read your last post too. Food for thought. Thanks

robin andrea said...

Robin pie? That doesn't sound good to me at all.

robin andrea said...

This made me think of you and Bear.

swamp4me said...

Takes a long time to pluck 'em... ;)

Idyllic Youth said...

I have been enjoying seeing the robins too. They bring me so much joy and they are just everywhere.

Aunty Belle said...

"four an' twenty black birds baked in a pie."

Uncle swears he an some fellas ate robins onc't on a camp out when they wuz teens.

Robins go nutty in the camphor trees 'round heah.

Gotta go read yore prior post.
Hope ya got sun today.

cndymkr / jean said...

No! You're just kidding right? How could anyone eat a robin, let alone a robin pie?

They haven't hit up here yet but after the rains of this weekend I'm sure they will arrive next week. The worms are ready!

Caroline said...

Hey, tomorrow is PI day (3.14) not baking robin pie, but I will have to produce one of some variety...cherry or lemon usually required by mathematicians/architect in this house.

lisa said...

I don't know if I would have the stomache to try robin pie! Of course I will try anything at least once. (maybe)

Deb said...

I am hoping to see a robin here in the next week or so. Robin pie? When you're hungry, anything sounds good.

amarkonmywall said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!! I mean 4 and 20 blackbirds but not robins!

Two weeks ago the robin count in Pinellas Cty on Weedon Island was- wait for it: 600,000. A mere 3 miles from our house it's home to most all of the nations migrating robins. In 2007, the count hit 2 million. They must be moving north. That's great news for all my friends north. These cheerful songsters were always a welcome sight in my Michigan garden as they got busy aerating the garden in their search for worms.

Kimberlee said...

Never heard of eating robins. It certainly seems like it would take a lot of them to make a meal.

We actually get a few robins up here in the summer. They're not as laid back as the ones down South though. Maybe they feel like out-of-town guests. LOL!

Dani said...

And I thought hill people ate strange things!!hehe

Floridacracker said...

I don't eat robins, but unlike my late Aunt Florence, I didn't grow up in the depression either.
Just clarifying.

They are thick here again today, but I never hear them sing here in FL.
They must save it for romancing their honeys up north.

Ibrahimblogs said...

I love Robins. I hope Robin Pie is not a favourite is Aunt Florence's family. Let the birds live!!

This is Ibrahim from Israeli Uncensored News

Thunder Dave said...

I'd try it, but then I probably didn't have to tell you that!

We've already got a few of them showing up around here too, but I'm betting they're wishing they stayed south a few more weeks!

Floridacracker said...

Welcome to Pure Florida! No, we don't eat Robins in our family ... any more.

Yes, I KNOW you would.