Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Barred Owls Again ... Yawn.

I was working in the yard Monday, when someone in the surrounding forest called, "WHO COOKS FOR YOU, WHO COOKS FOR YOU?"

It took me a minute, but eventually I located the barred owl in the live oak tree above.

See it?

How about now?

Now go back to the first picture and look for him.
The triangular butt feathers sticking below the limb are your landmark,

Owl videos tend to be very calming (boring) since all the really cool stuff they do, they do in the dark.

Still, since some of you have said, "We never get tired of owl shots" , I filmed this owl in nonaction.

At one point, as verified by photos not posted here, he fell asleep.

Hopefully, YOU have not done so while watching the video.

I did try all my top secret owl calling tricks as you can see in the video.

To no avail I might add.

I'm in St. Augustine tackling a whopper of a chore list my Momma has prepared for me.

If anything happens (and you know it will) I will post about it.

So, just wondering ...

... who does cook for you?


Anonymous said...

FC-You know who my Chef is!!! And he sure is good at it too!
PS: How di Junior do at the swine show?

threecollie said...

Sam cook?

Sayre said...

My lovely husband cooks for me!!! I know. I'm a lucky girl!

cinbad122 said...

I actually heard an owl this morning on my way to the gym. Boy was I surprised! As far as you owl calling least you made me laugh!

Deb said...

For being rather large birds they do hide themselves well.

My dad's going to be in St. Augustine next week. Wish I could go with him!

who wouda thunk it?? said...

boy, that another nail biter vid, whew!!

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

You know, I have some of my best laughs from those who comment on your blog!

Who cooks for me?

Just lil' ole me. Sometimes the yellow pages chip in.


amarkonmywall said...

Chief cook and bottle washer weighing in. Owls are never boring. While I'm watching them like this I like to imagine their night life...

R.Powers said...

Yeah, he does pretty good!
Junior did his best ever sale wise. I need to post some pics.

It could be a hidden talent.

I do about 80 percent of it here. No complaints, I get home first and I love to cook.

At least my owl calling got a reaction out of you. The owl was not impressed.

They sure do! Lucky Dad huh? The weather has been excellent, hope it holds for him.

Who Woulda,
Hey in the owl world that was practically aerobics! LOL I know, I know, a very calm video.

I hear ya. The comments alone are worth the drop in here at PF. I love em!

I agree, owls are never boring ... their videos may be!
As for imagining their night life, I do the same thing when I watch old Marilyn Monroe movies.

Thunder said...

I never get tired of wildlife photos/videos, or even live viewing!
I need to figure out how to do some time-lapse photography of my hops.

Unknown said...

If your camera shoots video too, just shoot short clips daily or every couple of days and then use windows movie maker to put it together.

eileeninmd said...

Cool video, I love Owls.