Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blue Blur Blues

Does he look stressed?
He has a good reason to be.

The Blue Blur Of Owl Harassnicity has arrived!

Note that this is not the same day as the Jay Attack video, nor the same location. This is in a dead willow down by the pond ... a dead willow that was sporting TWO barred owls side by side last week as Bear and I took our dawn walk.

I don't take my camera on those walks since they usually take place in the dark, but we were a little late that morning and when I glanced towards the pond, two barred owls were side by side in a rising mist from the water.

Acckk! It WAS a picture.

A picture I did not get.

So, the next morning I carried my camera out, (without Bear) and a single owl sat on the tree.
Well dang.

I went for the shot anyway and again, I did not notice that the jay was in the willow with him.
The light was almost too dim for photos that early, but when the jay mouthed off, I thought I would try for a little more action video.

I mistakenly set the camera on the Automatic (brainless snapshot) setting when I switched to video and as I pushed the shutter the Jay attacked.

I try never to post blurry videos here for my discriminating audience, but I just couldn't NOT share this photo.

I think the blurry jay nebulosity communicates the hell bent fury of a jay in action.

Anyway, it sounds like a good excuse for a less than perfect photo.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The blue flag iris that I transplanted to the pond has set in and is in full bloom. With the variability of water levels in the pond, I have decided to think of it as a wetland more than a deepwater pond.

I won't fuss of course if this hurricane season fills it to overflowing, but in the long gaps between floodstage, I plan to keep adding desirable wetland plants to it.

5 weeks to hurricane season! Yippeee!

Floridiots, do you know where your emergency supplies are?

My box is empty mostly ... so this month I will be restocking .

You should do the same ... or at least do an inventory.


robin andrea said...

You get the best owl shots. How lucky to have such a fine bird living so close by. Nice iris, too.

Sayre said...

I need to get my box together... At least we're not having to evacuate anymore!

Floridacracker said...

I am in an owly place! The iris are blooming in the roadside ditches here and they are wonderful.

Did you get some strong weather today?
We had heavy rains with marble hail earlier.

Miz S said...

Why Mr. Bluejay gotta be such a hater?

New Orleans Party Guy said...

I'm counting on being rescued, sheltered, and fed at taxpayer expense. And I'll complain in a profane manner if they give me any MREs.

Carol said...

definitely restocking....I keep the boat loaded too...just in case we have to float...the Black Hammock is getting wetter and wetter since so many subdivisions have cleared all the nice water drinking trees and plants and the roofs and blacktop just lets the water run down to us.

Elizabeth said...
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Floridacracker said...

Miz S,
Just another helicopter parent.

Don't forget to build a coastal city BELOW sea level first.
... and dang it, we can't blame that idiocy on political parties or big bad government ... just good ol human nature, greed, and tradition.
Laissez le bon temps roulez!!!

I cleaned mine out last year as everything was about a year old or so. Time to hit SAMS for a reload.

lisa said...

The owl looks really scare ;) I love the iris, very pretty! We will be buying some of your peppers soon also if there is some still available.

Thunder Dave said...

Nice action shot, I agree that it sums up the Blue Jay!

As for Jr's last days, I remember that well! Our Sr yr at District I ran the 2nd leg of the mile (not converted to metric yet then) relay because our anchor had fallen during the 440 intermediate hurdles and wasn't able to run.

Dani said...

"Just another helicopter parent"


Floridacracker said...

I still have some, but I will need to pull the sign down soon I think.

Did you notice your site updated?

Well? If the shoe fits! That Jay is protecting something. LOL!

Thunder Dave said...

Yes, glad to see it's active again!