Saturday, April 24, 2010

Junior's Last High School Athletic Moments

Senior year is a mix of bittersweet and impending liberation.


It is the same for Junior.

The regional track meet in Orlando last week was the final event of his high school athletic career.

The level of athletic strength and skill at this level was pretty amazing and this was not the final level (state).
Those who win or score high enough here would go to that final test.

Junior did not make it out of this level, but he threw well and obviously, we are proud of him for just making it to this regional meet.

As often happens at these events, the written schedule of events and times fell by the wayside as little delays added up.

By the time the warm ups for the shot put event started, 2 hours late, Junior was obligated to be across the field preparing for the 4 X 100 meter relay.

He warmed up, and then he and his coach informed the officials that due to the delay, he had to leave the shot put line up and go participate with his relay team, but he would return as soon as that was over.

The shot put clipboard official guy got a little confused about that as time went by and began calling for Junior ... even as he stood poised to take the baton and run his part of the 4x100m relay.

I let his coach lawyer for him when the official wanted to disqualify him.
Parents are supposed to stay out of this, but it's hard when your baby is poised to miss out on his main event.
I behaved myself.

In the end, a compromise was reached.
The other shot putters completed the first round, but Junior was allowed to throw in the second and third.

Of course, he threw after running his 100 m leg of the relay as fast as he could and then running across the field to the shot put site.

He threw well, but didn't quite get past his personal best of almost 40 feet.

The winners of the shot put were in that 42 foot+ zone, so the competition was pretty tough.

I was proud of him though. He never fussed about the schedule mix up or hassle and when I said something like, " Well, maybe if you had not had to run the relay and then immediately step up to the shot ring." , he brushed that aside saying it wasn't really a factor.

On that particular day, he threw the best he could and he was okay with that.

More pride.

Since he was threw (pun), and the rest of the team had to stay, we said our goodbyes and good luck.

Then we escaped to a Texas Roadhouse where he devoured vast quantities of peanuts, yeast rolls, a steak and a salad.

Another day, another milestone.


Dani said...

((hugs)) He has had the best parents and family! Doesn't surprise me that he's grown up to be a good man.

Have a great weekend. :)

Caroline said...

We are at the same stage ourselves with the youngest kiddo, senior year. Last play, last band events, first meeting with admissions counselor to schedule orientation and class schedule for freshman year classes at chosen college. Whew!
Class act, Junior. Nice job, Mom and Dad.

Doug Taron said...

Congrats to Junior (and to his dad, too).

edifice rex said...

Congratulations to the both of you! It's good to see young people that can take the unfortunate turns in life (and sports) and still strive to do well. I see so many that are so spoiled and incapable of handling the slightest thing that doesn't go their way.

Deb said...

Congratulations to Junior for a great season. What a bittersweet time. I am on the other end, finishing off my first son's first full year of school athletic (and band) competition.

It will go fast, I know.

Cathy S. said...

Congrats to Jr and to mom and dad for a job well done.

Freste said...

Combining field events with running can be quite a juggle fest. Probably as much as trying to do two different sports in the same season. Ya gotta pick yer battles. A little bit of wisdom and a smidge of humble and a heap of talent and ability had made him the fine young man he is. The world needs more Juniors in it.
Congrats, FC.

robin andrea said...

He's got a great attitude. No surprise. Congrats to him.

amarkonmywall said...

I love this post. It illustrates the best of Junior moving maturely through life's snafus and it has that loving nostalgic feel that tugs at a parent's heart. Between the two of you, great form!