Friday, April 09, 2010

Pastoral Ponies Post

Monday, as I was racing to St. Augustine on a tight deadline, early morning light bathed both a bald eagle in a dead pine and the pasture below in that perfect golden hue that makes us get up early for morning shots.

Unfortunately, I had to be in St. Augustine on time for a change. Dad was having a wee bit of surgery and I was the driver.

So, cursing myself for not budgeting some stop and shoot time, I blew past both photo ops.

On the way home yesterday afternoon, the sky had gone from crystal clear to scudding clouds and I figured I would not get a second chance on this trip.

As I approached Hatchet Creek Farm, the clouds made stopping seem like a waste of time, so I drove past.
A mile down the road, the clouds parted and the sky gap seemed big enough to give me a few moments of decent light, so I pulled over and swung the JEEP back around the way I had come.

I pulled into the farm driveway and parked to the side so I would not block anyone coming or going. Then I hopped out with my monopod and camera and shot a bazillion pics over the fence for as long as the cloud hole gave me some sunshine.

I was so glad I didn't talk myself out of turning around and going back for photos.

How many great photos do we miss when we rush or talk ourselves out of a ten minute stop?

The lilies in the field look like Atamasco lilies to me. They are blooming along roadsides right now and I even have a little patch of the here at PFHQ, but I have never seen them massed like this pasture at Hatchet Creek Farm.

It's nothing short of spectacular.
Toss in a handful of pretty miniature horses and ... well, pastures just don't get any prettier.

Thank you Hatchet Creek, for allowing a pasture of wildflowers to thrive and bloom each spring.

... and GO GATORS!


Dani said...

This just makes my heart soar! BEAUTIFUL.

Sayre said...

Beautiful! Love the flowers everywhere - I love lilies!

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Beautiful!! I remember going to Hatchet Creek for the bluegrass festivals. Ever go? Much fun!


cinbad122 said...

So these pictures have to be the most fun photos of spring break. I don't know what could be better. Unless I get to lie in the field with the flowers and ponies!

Thunder Dave said...

Wow, a couple of those shots look like scenes out of some Disney animated princess and pony movie or something!

Anonymous said...

FC-Guess the secretis out about what Thunder watches on the weekends, huh?

Sandcastle Momma said...

And thank you FC for sharing with us. Beautiful shots!

Caroline said...

Love the black and white pony face first in the lilies!
The only mass of flowers like that I see here in the spring time is dandelions. :o)

Cathy S. said...

Horses! And flowers. Ahhhh... How's your dad?

robin andrea said...

I'm just catching up here, FC. We've been moving and haven't had a chance to read our favorite blogs. I just showed Roger the photo of that black and white pony in the flowers. There's something about that one that just knocks me out. Gorgeous.

kathy a. said...

oh, just wonderful photos -- i'm especially blown away by the one robin mentioned. seriously? a gorgeous miniature horse in a real live field of perfect flowers??

best to your dad; hope he is recovering well.

Anonymous said...

Adorable. Florida has wonders I never suspected.

robin andrea said...

Just goes to show you how tired I am, I didn't even notice the allusion to your father and surgery. Sorry about that. Sure hope he is recovering well, FC. If love is an elixir, which I still believe it is, then your father will be fine.

edifice rex said...

Beautiful photos!! I have never seen such a mass of lilies. that's wonderful. hope your Dad is doing well.

Floridacracker said...

To all,
Dad is doing fine. It was an in/out procedure and an hour after it was over we were in a BBQ joint chowing down.
Thank you all for the concern.

Well, I guess you liked it then.

These are a native, tough as nails and pretty as can be.

I remember driving by and seeing the signs, but at the time I was focused on heavier rock music.

Glad you liked em. Not shown were the myriad of small gnatty bugs. Every once in a while a pony would stop, drop, and roll to shake em off and scratch I guess.
You could do that.

You still collecting My Pretty Pony toys then?

You need to turn the tv to SPIKE when he's watching that stuff. heehee

You are welcome. Killed me to drive by on Tue morning!

Driving to Tampa last week, I saw blue fields, red fields, and mixed color fields. Spring here is glorious.

Cathy S,
It WAS kind of a girly post huh?
Works for me!

Apparently that photo is the winner. LOL! I am so excited that you two found a new nest.

Kathy A,
LOL! If you didn't know those horses were minis, you might think the lilies were giants!

I love it when I hear that. Sharing that is part of my prime directive. :)

I have never seen them massed like this either. Makes me wonder how long it took for the mass to get that size.

Aunty Belle said...

Gracious! How gorgeous!

THe black & white pony in the wildflowers--that is no kiddin' fabulous.

FC, ya could give back roads florida tours iffin' merit pay teachin' causes ya a bellyache.( I KNOW ya got yore merit pay this last go around--kudos!)

Kimberlee said...

Beautiful just isn't a big enough word! I'm so glad you were willing to stop!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! I may need some other career option!

I guess this is a bit different from your local scenery!