Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things I Forgot To Show You

Yo, why didn't ya' tell me I forgot to share these?
You're slipping.

Last week in St. Augustine, dropping crossbars stopped me at the RR crossing just down the road from where my grandparents once lived. It happened that I was the first vehicle and it also happened that my camera was sitting next to me in the passenger seat ready to go.

I shot this short train as it approached the crossing, all the while thinking, that might be my cousin Rick driving it. I couldn't identify the folks in the engine as it went by, but he's a Florida East Coast railway guy and makes this trip routinely.

The spires in the background are Flagler College (The old Ponce DeLeon Hotel) and the tall building just to the right and behind the engine is one of the old Florida East Coast Railway office buildings. These days they are dorms for Flagler College I believe ... might be wrong on that, but I doubt it.

Well, it's been about 2 years since I posted the heartbreaking video of the wounded deer that wandered into my front forest to die. In a series of icky posts, we checked on the decomposition of the deer over a year, (remember?) and then I let that series die.

Last week when I was tracking down that Barred Owl's location, I came across her remains again and thought you might just be wondering how she was doing.

Emma couldn't be here on her official birthday last month due to other fun obligations, so we toasted her a little late, but as soon as we could get her.
The menu was BBQ ribs, mac and cheese, yeasty rolls, and fresh green beans.
Dress was casual.

Look at Katie with her paper towel bib.
"Baby, is that your best T-shirt or something?"

Junior's plan seems more environmentally friendly, no waste of paper, just eat with abandon and then go shower off.

Here's a view looking uphill from the owl tree towards PFHQ proper.

I love the way the palms hide the junk on the porch.

We look almost civilized.


cinbad122 said...

For where you live, I would say that you are pretty civilized! Oh, and I ran into a couple of Sisters today at Sam's...they forgot their forks! No, not Mrs. PF but someone who is almost family!

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone teach you it's not nice to remind us we don't remember as well as we used to?

Honestly, young people today ...

Caroline said...

I'd love to have an owl tree to look uphill from....

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Guess what I'm doing??

Munch, munch....Mm! Mm! Good!

Gulp (that's a glass of milk by the way)



edifice rex said...

I have those exact same tea glasses! Great minds......

Pablo said...

Is there sweetener in that tea?

Fine looking family!

Kimberlee said...

I can't believe it's been TWO whole years since you first posted those deer photos! Where has the time gone?

That shot of PFHQ is gorgeous! Makes me think of Cross Creek...

Floridacracker said...

If their Sisterly heads weren't tied on ...
Made some killer roast beef gravy today.

LOL! Where are my manners?

Pick any tree in that pic! On that day he just happened to be in the woods behind me, but he uses them all ... even the power pole.

She told me you stopped by for a slice. Sounds like it passed the inspection!
Too funny.

You got that right!

Not a drop.
Thanks! They take after their Mom.

Must be close, I actually didn't go back to accurately check. Too sad.
Thanks for the Cross Creek Kudos!

edifice rex said...

Hey FC, is there any way you can shim that new light fixture out so that the cover will fit on? You might need some longer mounting screws but you might can put some thin plastic or metal shims between it and the ceiling to drop it down a little bit. They should not be noticeable once the cover is on. Just a thought.

Valerie said...

Beautiful family, lovely house!

Dani said...

2 years?! That's crazy! I'd be so happy if we could just get time to slow down a little bit....

robin andrea said...

The kids look great enjoying the birthday festivities. Nice to see them all together. And your house looks grand there in your pure Florida woods. Really lovely, fc.

Cathy said...

Somehow that picture of headquarters looks dream-like.

As though any moment a fawn will scamper past followed by Thumper.

Pretty sure I see fairy dust spouting from the chimney.

It's enchanted alright.

Gorgeous young people.

Yep, enchanting.

(don't knock the bib. I live in one. Saves on laundry)

elpbulls said...

Love the picture of the house! Love you!!

SophieMae said...

Yeah, what everybody else said. Your place looks so idyllic. I so wish the original (yankee) owners here had been less enamored with the idea of lawn. I try not to think about exactly what kind of trees died for their cause. Thankfully, the forest behind still echoes the nightly question... who cooks for you?

lisa said...

I wish I had more trees and bushes to hide all my clutter also! But unfortunately I don't think trees or bushes could hide it anyway. I use those paper towel bibs once in a while also!

Rurality said...

Wow your kids look so... adultish. You must be really old. ;)

Floridacracker said...

Actually the problem is the fixture extends down too far so that the cover is too shallow to sit flush against the ceiling. Still open for ideas. I'm looking for a fixture with angled lamp connections like the previous one.


My theory is that time is speeding up and we are not noticing!

Oh it is wonderful when they are all here again. Even if they are just sleeping on the couch.

LOL! Bambi is a regular and just yesterday Bear chased Thumper right across that scene.

Love you baby!

Barred owls do seem adaptable. Even to lawny yards.

If I owned nicer clothes, I'd use a bib too!

They made me this way!!!