Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And Just One More Thing ...

Work, work,work.

Our 3 days of post-school training are in full swing.

The theme is SURVIVOR, ... a show I have never watched.

We are divided into tribes ... ours is the "Margaritavillians" and our icons are the lime and the salt shaker. There are tribal challenges for points to break up the educationalesium. Our tribe is doing okay, but they will be without me tomorrow as I travel to USF for Katie's orientation there.

So when they announced that coming dressed in Island Attire would earn your tribe points, I went for it since I can not help the Margaritavillians Wednesday.

I got a little deciduous on the walk to the training area, ... left a few palm fronds down the hallway, ... but enough remained to get us some points.

In other teachery news, my very good buddette, Cindy ... aka Cinbad in the comments, had a beautiful bouncing baby boy last Sunday. I had predicted the birth for Sunday, at 6:00pm, and that it would be a boy. The little guy came in around 11:30ish, so I missed the time, but 2 out of 3 isn't too bad.
Both parents and baby are doing well.
We are all happy and much relieved.
Look for a late post tomorrow as I will be traveling without a computer ... probably an evening post if I actually manage something.


Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

I'm really kind of surprised you don't have this photo post under "this boy ain't right"!!

Congrats to Cindy.


kevin said...

I'm not sure I should have seen that.

Congrats to Cindy.

Caroline said...

Hurray for Cindy! We had a bouncing baby (all grown up) graduate on Sunday. A day for celebration all the way around.

The Florida Blogger said...

Real nice get up, FC.

threecollie said...

I am never disappointed by a visit here to Pure Florida...astonished, puzzled, perplexed.....I scratch my head a lot...but never disappointed.

Sharon said...

LOL!! Beautiful :)

Island Rider said...

Katie's going to USF? Mrs. FC is allowing that? That's a lot of bull in a gator household. I mean that in a nice way. USF class of 1984 (Master's Degree). So where's Jr. going?

Congrats to Cindy. Tell her to sign up for prepaid tuition!

Thunder Dave said...

You crack me up!
We're definitely growing older, but not up!

I'm with Island Rider here, won't this cause a rift in the family during football season? I know better than to root against "Patience"! ;-)

Thunder Dave said...

Dang I forgot, Congratulations Cindy!

Dani said...

Hubba Hubba! ;)

Dani said...

Congrats to Cindy on the birth of her little boy.

robin andrea said...

I think you are expressing the inner FC!

Deb said...

Forget the crackers...THAT should be your profile photo! :)

amarkonmywall said...

I agree with Robin. Perfect mix of Survivor guy and nurturing person. Another one at USF! I agree with Cathy, too!

Aunty Belle said...


Heh heh.....

the Inner FC, indeed. Doan recall skool bein' that hilarious, but then I done a stint at PK Young afore gettin' over to GHS whar' the was a bit more Margaritavillians hangin' out. That was prep fpr "13th street university."

Jes' need to know one thang: Has the Missus FC seen this get-up on yore frame? Doan tell me the reaction, in case it assaults mah delicate nature.

Kudos to Katie!

Congratulations to Cinbad!!

Floridacracker said...

I wish I had thought of that.

You've seen worse.

Hooray for babies of all ages!

I am a bit of a fashionista.

The wonder is that you DO come back! LOL!

It's the salt shaker on the speartip right?

A certain game in September could be stressful around here.
Go Bulls!!

Avoiding up as much as possible.

Thanka, thanka!
LOL You are very kind.

Pretty much.

Jungle Crazy Person ... JCP instead of FC? LOL!

Yeah, I'm a mix all right... heehee.
Junior is picking UF as number 1 and USF as number 2 after one more year at Santa Fe College in Gville.
Two good spots however he decides.

Well, we get more hilarious AFTER the kids leave for the summer, so something like this was expected.

Poor Mrs. FC, I think I must be a constant embarrassment to her. She's pretty used to being married to a crazy person by now.

She missed the real thing that day, but I showed her the picture this morning.
Is rolling your eyes a stress reduction technique? I see that a lot.