Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cabbage Creek

Quickie post as I get ready to check outta this motel and go to ONE more day of training.
After two weeks of training in Gator-land and now two days in Seminole-land, I am ready to be home again.

I am really, really sick of restaurant food too ... blecchhh.
No wonder this nation is hypertensiive and overweight.

Here's a few scenes from my slow ride up last Sunday afternoon. I always take the backroads if possible, in the hopes of finding little gems like Cabbage Creek.

It was off and on stormyesque that day and the sky was pretty beautiful.
These pics don't really do it justice.

Above, a hardwood relic reminds us of the oak forest that preceded the planted pines.

I love summertime skies.
This Cabbage Creek trail was not spectacular in anyway, but it was a nice diversion and to be fair, I did not have time to get out and walk as I was due in Tally.
Actually, I'm due in class pretty soon so I better go!
I will take the slow way home too, so keep your megapixels crossed!


debbie said...

If I had known that you'd be in Tally today I'd have invited you to dinner tonight(grilled chicken breast with lemon pasta & salad). We do have some healthy restaurants here in T. You would probably like Hopkins Eatery, across from Lake Ella. Good salads and sandwiches. Hope that you have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

FC-I feel your pain after being in Louisana for two weeks! All I want for my birthday is for Thunder to cook for me! Shrimp Pad Thai! Will let you know how it turns out!

robin andrea said...

Those are beautiful skies there, fc. It's pretty hard to translate the clouds and vastness into a fine photo, but this definitely works.

Hope you get to go home soon and back to some good home cooking.

Megapixels are crossed!

kathy a. said...

oh, lovely photos! the summer storms in the south just amazed me, when i was in SC -- they blow in, it's wild for a while, and then they blow back out again. i remember having to pull to the side of the road between SC and north FL, because the rain was so intense that vision was impossible. then all of a sudden, blue skies with pretty clouds... not like CA.

bleah, restaurant food on the road. i don't mind a couple meals, but they get old so fast. if you can find 'em, affordable hotels with kitchenettes are the best things ever.

SophieMae said...

Dadgumit! What Debbie said! I gotta get back to keepin' up here. Next time, if you're not booked solid with meal invites, check out New Leaf Market on the corner of The Parkway and Magnolia. They have a right nice little healthy-food deli/buffet set-up. And Tuesday is senior discount day. 8-] Right behind it, on Lafayette, is Sahara Greek & Lebanese Cafe. It's been a while, but I remember some pretty decent falafel.

Oh, and I just caught your hogsnake veejo. VERY impressive display! How cool are they?!

Buford Nature said...

As for living outta suitcases and eating in restaurants, Dave Bromberg sang it best:
"drinking sour coffee,
eating cardboard pie..."

Deb said...

Okay, being from Minnesota I have to ask: What's the difference between Gator-land and Seminole-land? Here we have "Up North" and everywhere else in the state. :)

Anonymous said...

Repeating my suggestion of a few years ago.--


It's only a few blocks from the Capitol, and the DOE building, and quite doable from FSU.


Floridacracker said...

Gosh, that sounds great! Thank you!
Training ended early enough for me to do some coastal cruising on the way home so I sorta shot out of town on 363 ASAP.
I did have a good wrap (The Al Pacino) and some amazing homemade potato chips at a little pizza,sandwich, salad place near the Lively Center ... started with a B ... Bianca's ?? or something like that.

I'm sure it will turn out good!

Thanks! I had a fun(hot) ride home through the woods with lots of little side zip trips to the Gulf.

Kathy A,
I agree 100%. Give me a kitchenette, then eating out is a choice not a requirement!

Do I qualify?
That's just plain scary and my head refuses to wrap itself around that idea!
Thanks for the eating tips! I will probably be up there again for more FLVS work.
Cool hog huh?

LOL! That pretty much sums it up. The coffee has improved, but the food has not!

YOU ARE from up north aren't chu?
LOL! If you are a football fanatic, the UF Gators in Gainesville are archrivalenemies of the FSU Seminoles in Tallahassee.
I am not a sports fanatic so it all seems silly to me, which pretty much puts a price on my head down here.

When will I listen?!!! Ack! I drove right past it.

LaDivaCucina said...

Hubby says the food in Orlando is the worst, chain restaurants galore. He always gets severe heartburn when he works up there! Poor guy, can't stomach non-Diva food! haha!

The skies and clouds here are the best! When I lived in Southern California, I found the weather to be boring and no clouds. Just smog! We are lucky to have such beautiful, clean air.

Anonymous said...

FC, teaching online from home, will you get no-cost to you faster broadband?

That you can also use for your personal blog?

Just curious, but I hope you make out here.


intuitive eggplant said...

Culinary Smackdown results up (finally!). Thanks so much for your playing along, FC! Hope you'll join us again next time.


debbie said...

You were at Lively? I work right next door at TCC! If I had known that you were at Lively I would have invited you over to our on-campus food court and had you try one of the tasty McCormick's sandwiches. I like Bianca's also, they have a wonderful Waldorf salad. Sophie is right about New Leaf, healthy & good. Next time make an announcement that you'll be heading north (into Nole country). I'm with you on that issue, I don't follow the FSU/UF nonsense.

Cathy S. said...

Just saw your post on Dani's blog. Wanted you to know I was thinking about you today.