Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Change For A Dollar

Buddy, can you spare a sand quarter? ... how about a sand dime?

I'm in deep immersion training this week and my posts are few ... yes, and tiny.
I know, I know.

It's all about change ... the training is good, ... very good, and unlike 90% of educational training, it will cause a change in the way I teach.

Here's a brief moment in the FC household life for you to ponder while I am so absent (minded)this week.

Monday, class had just started when I received a phone call from Mrs. FC.
She had just hit two deer in her shiny kinda new truck, about a mile from the house.
She was okay and she almost ... ALMOST ... missed them, but at least one of them bent some "things" on the passenger front side.

She was okay, which is always the only thing that matters.

But still ... sigh ... my family seems hell bent on reducing the deer population in the region and they are determined to use cars as their weapon of choice.

Anyway, ... she called the cops for an officer to come out and make a report, and then she waited.

It took a little longer than expected, because ... THE OFFICER HIT A DEER AS HE TURNED ON TO OUR ROAD!


Dani said...

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Miz S said...

Woah. Lot of suicidal deer in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I can tell we need to start collecting some venison recipes! Happy to hear Mrs. FC is ok. Please tell he hi for us!

Bill said...


Deer are good at reducing the car population also. Our friend Yano, totaled his car on the way home from a Gator game, stopped him dead in his tracks, the car, and the deer. The next year I clipped one on the back leg as he was boinging across the road and almost wrecked trying to see if he made it. They are so cute though.


Octohawk said...

I am not above eating roadkill deer. Wouldn't be the first time. Let me know next time this happens!

Thunder Dave said...

How ironic!
Looks like Lightnin beat me to the punch on the food reference again!

elpbulls said...

Not this member of your family (knock on wood)! Love you! Glad mom's ok!

robin andrea said...

A friend of Roger's youngest hit a deer the other day. He brought it up to their farm, butchered it, and made some fine fare with it. I'm pretty sure I heard that even some very fancy gnocchi was made with it.

kathy a. said...

the deer on the hillside behind us often wander into neighborhoods -- but either the speeds are slower hereabouts, or the urbanized deer are better at leaping out of the way, because i've never heard of a deer getting hit.

glad mrs. FC is ok; assume the cop is, also.

Anonymous said...

I'm concern about your "sand quarter" photo. They look like they are still alive???

Sayre said...

My husband's current truck is the first vehicle that has not been majorly damaged by a deer (yet). He did have a truck back into him and take out his quarter panel... He'll be traveling more this fall/winter though, so I imagine it's just a matter of time before a deer makes some kind of mark on his car...

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Think I'll stay out of a guys with you guys driving! Glad Mrs. FC is okay.


Anonymous said...

That would be "stay out of a CAR with you guys" Sheesh.

Anonymous said...
Here's a good recipe.

Caroline said...

We have taken 4 with our various vehicles over the past few years. The officer that was responding to the last one DS (husband) got, right around the corner from the house was late getting there because he was the replacement...the original car dispatched to do the report hit a deer. Lunatic deer range the Continent it seems!
There are deer car accidents in the middle of town, which has 60+ thousand people plus lots of tourists headed to Mt. Rushmore.

intuitive eggplant said...

Couldn't help but guffaw over that story, especially since Mrs. FC is ok.

ImagineMel said...

Alas, "near" family members as well...glad the Missus is okay. And on another note, what are the trees out here by the coast that look like cedar/pine/some sort of conifer? I used to see them visiting my Grandma in Clearwater too. We're in Flagler for the week. :)

Floridacracker said...


Miz S,
They are divine wind deer.

The cop took the deer. Said he liked backstrap! LOL!

They are cute ... and highstrung!

Especially a nice fresh one. The cop asked for this one and he got it!

You are slipping! That girl's quick.

Bless you nondeerslayer!

I was 40 miles away or I would have considered it.

Cathy A,
Yes, the officer was fine, so was his car.
So west coast deer are smarter?

Anonymous Sand Quarter Person,
You are concerned that they are still alive??? Do you hate sand dollars?
Of course they are alive and they probably still are since they were only out of the Gulf long enough to take that photo. They came up in a net sample on marine science trip with my students.


Oh, they are so gonna be looking for him.

Well, first if it's a red jeep, you and the deer are safe.
I would not wear a deer costume and walk along the roads here though.

Anonymous Recipe person,

Deer madness. Even in the stable midwest.

I did too when I got the "The cop hit a deer on the way out here" text message from her!

You might be seeing Norfolk Island Pines ... that is about as far north as they go though.

S N B said...

Great story and love the sand-babies pic!

roger said...

oh deer me!

kathy a. said...

i can't presume to speak for all west coast deer. my neighborhood deer, however, get a chance to bolt off to someone's yard.

i suspect a combo of the best streets for deer being low-speed for cars [one particularly curvy road features already-dented cars parked on the street, signs, white bags over the rear-view mirrors, and a traffic cone on the trunk of one badly dented car -- as warnings to drivers], and good mama deer training.

Anonymous said...

Hey FC,

City of Gnvl is sponsering a photo contest. Didn't know if you'd be interested.

You can live anywhere but the photo's need to be surrounding Gnvl. Like the Prairie!!


Anonymous said...

It didn't all copy and paste. maybe now!


PS Okay, I'll trust the red jeep!

Anonymous said...

I give up for the whole link.

Go to:

and Search photo contest!

Ericka said...

cool picture. nice nails. :-P

hmm. long-legged rats. and in the words of ron white: "elusive little critters."

so far, i've been lucky and narrowly escaped. glad mrs. fc is okay!