Thursday, July 08, 2010

Stuff That Went On While We Were Painting PFHQ

It did NOT rain here yesterday.

That was quite a change and we seized the day ... we also seized our ladders, paintbrushes, drop cloths, and wet rags. I have repainted ... restained actually, our home, PFHQ, a few times over the years, but never with so much excellent help.

In those previous stain events ... (PFHQ is covered with western red cedar siding and has always been stained, not "painted") , Mrs. FC was at work and the kids were little, so it was mainly me.

As a result, those paint jobs took a long time to complete and were not much fun.

Yesterday, with Mrs. FC and Junior helping, we almost completed the basic siding staining. We started early, and finished around 8:30 pm.

In the afternoon, I was also multitasking in the kitchen and at the grill.

A few days ago, while fasting for an invasive yet recommended health procedure, I made the mistake of watching Anthony Bourdain's marathon. He was eating his way through the Caribbean as I recall.
As I sat there sipping clear broth, he was downing fresh seafood, good veggies, and JERK CHICKEN ( which I thought was very apropo for the snarky Bourdain).
I love Jerk Chicken.
So I vowed that as soon as they would let me eat real food again, I was gonna make some.

That is where the multitasking began.
On the lunch break, I gobbled a bowl of cereal with bananas and my blueberries, and then mushed up a zillion ingredients to make the jerk marinade which went on the chicken, which went in to the fridge.

I then returned to my high ladder duty staining the house.

The free ranging chickens were a little freaked out most of the afternoon and this guy seemed to be the reason.
He hung out in the very tree they like to night roost in, so they were a bit puzzled about where to go as the day wore on.

Plus ... there was a mysterious clump of white chicken feathers around one corner of the house ... which had us all wondering what event had we missed earlier that morning.

The roosters were on guard, but even they chose another tree to roost when it finally got dark.

The owl wasn't talking.

The young birds were hanging close to the house where they could scamper under as needed.
I will be counting them today.
Usually, all 8 of the newbies are close together, but at sunset last night, I only saw 4 in a group having a snack on the lawn.

There were two fat chickens hiding in my smoker grill, but they weren't talking either.


cinbad122 said...

Email me what you put into your JERK! :)

Thunder Dave said...

So did they send Channel 9 news into the tunnel under Mobile Bay?
After my last one I'm cleared by the Dr. for another 5 years!

debbie said...

We can all guess which invasive procedure you had done. The day-before-prepping is the worst part of it. Did your free-rangers know about their two cousins resting on your grill? Please post your jerk chicken marinade.

Cathy S. said...

Where I work, we call that the county's 50th birthday present as we are all REQUIRED to have it done when we turn 50. Hope all was clear. Har, har! I am worried about the babies. I know they are not on your grill, but did they end up in someone's stomach?

robin andrea said...

I'm glad you had that test, fc, and you know why. It's important to have it when you are young.

So, where oh where are your chicks. Turn on that magnet and get them home.

Floridacracker said...

Thinking of putting the whole thing up at PF Food!

Cleared for ten years here dude!
My tube wins.

You got that right.
Gonna post it on PF Food and link to it!

Cathy S,
Dang! REQUIRE it? I guess that's a good thing, but choice is nice.

Yes, mine was scheduled before your sweetie's challenges were posted.
Hope he is recovering on schedule!

Miz S said...

You stained the house all day until 8:30pm? I don't get it. When did you nap?

roger said...

hope that "invasive yet recommended health procedure" went well.