Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We slowed to let the wild turkey family cross in front of us last week and this indecisive bird stayed behind while everybody else zipped across the street.
Lots of turkey babies this year, although they are not really babies anymore. They are almost as big as their parents, but still hanging out as a family.
I know this is a turkey of a post, but I put my energy into a foody post over at PureFloridaFood.
If you like Cuban food, you might just wanna slide over there. I like it so much I'm making it again today in honor of Emma being home from college for a few days.
Any excuse for good Cuban.


Thunder Dave said...

Now if I just show you how to make the perfect Mojito you'd be completely set! ;-)

Oh I had to share that my security word this time was "untan", which I thought I was doing the whole time I've been in Ohio!

Cathy S. said...

MMM. You inspired me and I tried the recipe with a twist. We had some leftover steak from a milestone celebration. The meat was seriously lacking in flavor and terribly disappointing. I took the leftovers and used it instead of the pork. Now, that was a big improvement and worthy of a celebration!

Caroline said...

We have quite a crop of wild turkeys this year too, they are welcome to all the grasshoppers that are around my yard. They will be ginormous by fall if they take care of the hoppers for me!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Summer schedules sort of catch up on you, but always time for eats!

Ava said...

There are lots of turkeys around our area as well. There's a large pond nearby and I like watching the ducks and the geese parade around with their young! So cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you guys tomorrow or Friday...looking so forward to coming "home" finally!

LaDivaCucina said...

I always see such cool stuff on your blog! I didn't even know we had wild turkeys down here! You are not only very observant but must be quiet too to get all these cool shots!