Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crazy Eyes and Snarly Thing

Around here, we call this look "Crazy Eyes".

He's morphing in to it in the picture above ... his right eye has already gone over to the dark side and the left is beginning .

Bear gets a case of "CE" every once in a while in the midst of rough play and when he does ... well you better hang on, hide out, or break out your karate moves.

Crazy Eyes usually comes accompanied by the "Double Paw Crush Pounce" or "DPCP".

During DPCP, Bear's front legs splay out and slash like a velociraptor.

Since there is 102 pounds of Lab muscle attached, those paw claws can really decorate your skin.

Speaking of two extra pounds ... the heartworm prevention pill Bear takes maxes out at 100 pounds for the biggest pill.

Those two pounds cost me an extra $16 amonth, because along with the $25 -100 pound dog heartworm pill, he now has to take a pill for puny little dogs to cover the other two pounds ...(two pounds which quite possibly are feces not yet removed when he was weighed last)

Here's Bear doing his K90X workout routine.

We humans are in the middle of our 3rd week of P90X, by the way.

We have not missed a workout and it feels pretty dang good.

Tonight is Yoga and I'm dreading that 1.5 hour session, but it's not as bad as it seemed the first week.

After this week, the next phase begins.

In other furry news ...

A few nights ago, I came face to face with this raccoon fishing shrimp out of my shrimp farm, so I set the trap that very night.

And I caught him.

He seems healthy enough so he gets a chance at a new life on our timber plot away from PFHQ.

I am hoping that he will stay there and not return.

Hope springs eternal.


TheFrogBag said...

Is that one of those unkillable scorpion toys I see him going crazy over? Our (only 50 lb) lab/ doberman mix goes nuts for hers. We have to hide it occasionally. Crazy eyes must run in labs!

ImagineMel said...

are you and the Mrs. doing it? I'm so proud of you!

The Florida Blogger said...

My bullie gets the crazy runs where she goes all out around the house for about 30 seconds. Then she looks around wondering what everyone is looking at.

Tree Hugger said...

Becareful catching coons like that. Dad would catch them in this same trap all the time there on Solano Ave. and one reached out and scratched him. Dad took him to the woods as usual to let him go down US 1 S and Mom made him take the rabies shots!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Everyone at work who's doing P90x I'm in much better shape than. (I'm just saying ...) My routine is run 1 or 2 times per week, pull ups once per week, and weights 1 time per week, plus occasional yoga stance (as time allows). I also do headstands and inverted push ups (my personal favorite).

Miz S said...

Our dogs get the CE, too. It makes them look quite demented.

Your little raccoon friend will be so disappointed that there is no shrimp snack bar at the timber plot.

who wouda thunk it?? said...

I am wearing a brand new set of scratches from the splay-toed full frontal doggie slam also!

Floridacracker said...

It's some kind of extra tough dog toy shark. He's never had any toy last this long (4 months) but I don't recall the brand.

Yes! Thanks!

We see that behavior too!

Tree Hugger,
Solano Ave on the island?
I am extremely careful with coons. My parts don't get near their parts.

I don't doubt it. My first thought is ..."Maybe that's why they are doing it."
When I was a Ranger, there were a lot of obese employees.
You are actually following the P90 muscle confusion plan in your own way.

Miz S,
His disappointment may explain why it was so hard to get him to leave the trap at the get out point.

Who wouda,
Me too. As soon as one set heals ... a new set appears.

Dani said...

Bear has been such a wonderful addition to the family. :) Love how you spoil him.

Tree Hugger said...

Yes R. The beautiful island of Anastasia!!
The older and wiser Persons here ;-}}

Thunder Dave said...

So a kevlar vest may be a good investment before we come back down?

You better reset the trap because if he got a taste of those shrimp he'll find his way back!

Ericka said...

my cat has a version of the same thing. her ears go flat and her eyes go all black and really, you'd better stay out of the way. peanut didn't know any better the first time and before she knew what hit her, she was bleeding from 5 different places.

beware the crazy eyes!

um. yeah. good luck with the raccoon thing. it probably beat you home.

robin andrea said...

The only signs we see of raccoon activity around here are the crayfish parts we find scattered down by the pond. Oh, and we find plenty of raccoon scat. Hope your wild little friend stays put.

kevin said...

How is Mrs. FC this morning?

LaDivaCucina said...

Ha! The gall of that little rascal stealing your precious shrimp! It's funny how animals can sniff out a meal, isn't it?

PS: Did you get my shrimp recipe I emailed you?

Aunty Belle said...

Aw now...ya' cain't blame that furry bandit, can ya'??

Floridacracker said...

No, who could blame a shrimp thief?

Yes and thank you!!!

She accepted the loss after much angst during the game. Says they threw it away. The Bulls won though.

They DO like their crustaceans don't they?

I was afraid that very thing would happend ... beating me home.

I always say when in doubt wear your kevlar.

Forgive my inability to see the forest for the trees! Duh! Of course it's you!
What a nice surprise!

I thought he was spoiling us?
Love that dog waaaay too much.