Monday, September 27, 2010

Thunder and Lightnin, Here's Your Update

As I mentioned on a previous post, my pals ThunderDave and Lightnin are building their dream not far from here.
Dave asked me to drop in on the construction site and take progress photos as the house takes shape.
I thought you regular PF readers might get a kick out of it too, so here are the first shots.

In the photo above, I am standing on the prow of the house.
A close up is below.

The home comes to a point in the front. Picture big beautiful windows on either side.

In this photo, I'm shooting from the back end and the view is towards the front of the house.
(Hey! What a beautiful red steed in the distance!)

The open joist area is for porch decking that wraps around most of the house.
It's raining and storming all day here on this workday, so I'm thinking that not much progress was made today out on the site.
More to come in the future as the project grows into a home.
Speaking of red steeds ... I may be increasing my herd this week.
More on that when I make it happen.
In other news ... it's datil pepper seed time again.
The seed ad will be posted tomorrow.


roger said...

nice sturdy construction. i like the clean construction site. what direction is the prow pointing?

thanks to thunder and lightnin for letting us watch.

ImagineMel said...

you're getting a horse?? Did you miss feeding a teenage boy? :)

Thunder Dave said...

Thanks FC it really helps to be able to see it when we can't be there!
To answer Roger's question, it is pointing northeast, with both entrances to the property in sight.

Anonymous said...

FC-Thank you soooo much! It's so exciting and still hard to imagine it's really ours! See ya a few weeks!

kathy a. said...

that house is coming along! i am going to be very jealous of the wrap-around porch.

Bill said...

Speaking of houses, Kevin and I saw Mrs. FC at the game Saturday. She asked that we remind you that you need to finishing the painting on your lovely home. Just thought I would put that out in public so you would get to work! LOL.
Thanks for sharing. Looks like you will have new neighbors soon.