Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update On Dave and Tami's Log Home With Pumpkins For Desert

Last week's photos of Dave and Tami's log home from B.K. Cypress Log Homes.

A week has passed since then with perfect building weather, so I imagine it looks very different even now.

The happy couple.
Dave actually carried Tami up the steps and over the threshold.

Or ... did I just imagine that?

Inside view. I love a neat construction site.
(I never have one of course, but I admire those who do.)

This contractor has his ducks in a row.
Detail of the log joinery.


Corner detail.

Look in the right upper corner of the top log.

Yup, Tami's first house spider.

One of many more to come, here in Florida.

And in other news ...

Closer to home, I spent yesterday rebuilding the front porch steps.
Since they were as old as baby Emma, it was time before we all fell through while carrying a load of groceries.

Photos will be posted this week, but it's just porch steps folks.
Very satisfying though ... I tell ya, I love to pound 16 penny nails with a heavy hammer.
You can keep your nail guns.

Speaking of Emma, guess who received the highest grade on her recent college Wetlands Course test?

Way to set the curve, baby girl!

(Wetlands are in her blood, so I could have predicted that one.)

The USF college girls had a pumpkin carving party last week and Emma sent me this photo of the results.
Here's the email credits:

"I attached a picture of our pumpkins! Here's who did what:

Corinne: Owl at the top and Freddy Kruger below on the right
Me: Lock Shock and Barrel from nightmare before Christmas (3rd down on the right)
Christy: Trick or Treat
Katy: Mario at the bottom
Lynn: Buffy at the bottom
Mike: Jack from night mare before Christmas middle left
Amanda: E.T. "

("Me" was Emma of course)

That's a long way from two triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a gaping smile.

Now, I really must get outside on this glorious Florida fall day.

There's datil peppers to pick and sauce to make.


cndymkr / jean said...

The log house is coming along beautifully. They must be so excited. And what great work on the pumpkins!

Pablo said...

Out here in the Midwest, those log ends on cabins tend to rot on the top (of course, we don't make our cabins out of cypress logs).

elpbulls said...

Love you!!

Miz S said...

I've always wanted a log house in the woods. Not that I don't appreciate my little vinyl-clad cottage here in the suburbs.

That Emma. She's a chip off the old FC.

Thunder Dave said...

Thanks FC!
Way to go Emma!
Nice pumkin carvings!
Cute snake from Friday's post!

still so excited about the progress on the house, but we were able to divert our attention yesterday on a benefit ride, I'll post pics and possibly a video that will make you want to get the "Raptor" out and ride for awhile! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Seeing that cute little fellow in the teacup had me thinking that you found the "escapee" from Juniors old room! No such luck?
PS: Thanks for the pics especially my very first spidey!

kathy a. said...

the house is coming along nicely!

great pumpkins, too.

Aunty Belle said...

woo hoo for Emma!!

Luvin' the log home thang--happy house warmin' doan include no arachnids in mah book, though.

Corinne said...

What amazingly top quality logs you have there Dave!

The pumpkins were so fun to carve, I'm honored we made the blog!!!

Hope all is well!

vicki Bennett said...

It's exciting that Dave's new home is coming along so well- I love the photos of the joints. And those pumpkins! I never have the patience, let alone skill to carve anything beyond the basic and this year da bears negate pumpkins on the porch in any case.

Catching up, you know how I love me some snakes- and I really love the teacher in you. Great post on the outdoor labs.

Carol said...

I am so jealous.... I want one too.

Thunder Dave said...

To Corinne - Crazy that you would notice that, huh! ;-)