Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bear vs. Flotsam

Meanwhile ... back at the beach.

Bear makes a discovery.

Bear wasn't too sure about this flower pot that washed ashore on his watch.

It seemed to be an intruder of some kind and the Bear felt a responsibility to investigate.

After combat with the flower pot and chasing madly after a sanderling or two, we had both worked up an appetite.

So, we hit a little BBQ stand at the intersection of highway 206 and US-1.
It's one of those places with no place to sit, just good BBQ that you get and go with.

Bear and I shared a brisket sandwich in the parking lot before heading home.

Bear got the bread, I got the delicious sliced brisket.
The bbq was great!
The rice was um ... yellow.

I have a fondness for tiny BBQ spots that rely on the quality of their product for success. This place only takes cash, only sells take-out and wastes no money on interior design elements that are not involved in cooking or serving.
When I asked them how late they stay open, the answer was simply, "Until the meat is gone".

I like their sense of humor too.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I really like that sign that pretty well said it all!

kevin said...

That is some damn fine BBQ. I don't get down there enough.

Rainforest Gardener said...

Mmm, barbecue and the beach. What a great day! Find any seabeans with the flotsam?

elpbulls said...

How did you manage to get a picture of Bear and the BBQ without it disappearing?! LOL Love you!!

Deb said...

OH! I wish I could take Sally to the ocean, and then stop for good BBQ! Your pics of the ocean bring back lots of good memories for me.

Anonymous said...

A quote from Dudes girlfriend:I think i fell in love with Florida crackers dog! No waitt.....I KNOW I DID!!!!

Floridacracker said...

LOL! I thought so too!

It really is.
I could zing up their rice a little, but hey, it's a meat thang anyway.

I haven't found a seabean in a zillion years.

I told him he would get a REMINDER if he ate it while I was taking the picture.

Wouldn't Bear and Sally have a splashing good time.

Okay. She passes the test. Dude should marry her.
She's obviously brilliant.

The Florida Blogger said...

Roadside BBQ stand... You had me at hello. BBQ Bills is good in Chiefland. And Frogs is my favorite located in Williston.

Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Just sent an email to you with a link for photos of Fl from the space station. Pre-ty cool.

Love the video. How brave of Bear to protect you from that big, bad flower pot!

I think we all love that boy!

Wow, I haven't been to Frogs in many years. We have a place called Alan's in Green Cove which is pretty tasty for a pulled pork sandwich. Down South BBQ in Ponte Vedra is good too.


amarkonmywall said...

ruh-roh. A reminder.

Floridacracker said...

FL Blogger,
If you are running those roads, you should try Huckleberry's in Fanning Springs.

Neatio Picturio!!

Good memory, girl.

lisa said...

Bear is so funny! Love the sign, we need a few of those!

Ericka said...

thank heavens you have bear to protect you from the dreaded sea flower pot invasion!

Marlene said...

Loved your posts! The BQ food looks great!

JMM said...

Yum I love Smokin D's! So good. Is Bear chocolate or black? Every picture he looks different.

Katy Bug said...


This may be a silly question, but have you tried Frogs Bbq right outside of Williston? Very similar. Cash-only deliciousness out of a shack on the side of 27. YUM!!!