Friday, November 12, 2010

Fence Lizard

Why, Yes, I AM an example of superior camouflage.
Had I not moved, you would have walked right by me.

Fence lizards are wonderful, wonderful critters who are so confident in their disruptive coloration that they tend to sit still and pose in the most cooperative ways.

This one was out at Dave and Tami's home site on a visit about a month ago.

Let me do some catch up since I last posted on Monday ... ack! That's horrible. I thought this first empty nester year would be a year of plenty of time to post, but alas ... I am setting some kind of PF record for spotty posts lately.

Catch'n up ...
  • Thank you for the prawn disaster comments. Unfazed, I am ordering more prawn larvae.
  • Bear is spectacular and silly. I gave him a bath last night and a Bear hug is now the usual warm, soft, experience with the added scents of cocanut and verbena creme rinse.
  • I painted the porch floor boards a brick red this week and rebuilt the front steps. Our little brown house is now red, white, and blue.
  • We picked the last datil peppers yesterday, a full mixing bowl that will become datil sauce, datil vinegar, and I am thinking of experimenting with a datil version of Tabasco. This will involve datils, vinegar, and salt curing in the fridge for a long time. We'll see.
  • There is rumor of a chicken pilau in the kitchen.
  • P90X is still rocking FC's willing, yet mature body. I am extending the current 3 week segment one extra week to make up for failing to truly "BRING IT!" on two nights last week.
  • I have already started Christmas shopping ... thank you Amazon for freeing me from the mall.
  • I think I get to go to the movies tonight ... God, I love movie popcorn ... salt yes, buttergoo no.
  • I have a care package of datilly delight ready for a certain person with too many homes, the most recent one with a great alpine view and bear naked neighbors. I just have to find the 15 minutes a day that THE US POSTAL SERVICE ACTUALLY OPENS IT'S OFFICES!!!! Gee whiz USPS!
  • Thanksgiving is approaching and Mrs. FC is the host this year ... a generational change, since my Mom has always hosted. This year everyone is coming to us so Mom can relax. Apparently we have to CLEAN everything before they get here. Family, we have a Lab, he sheds unimaginable amounts of hair. We will keep it out of the food, but there will be some on the floor ... even if I mopped them as you walked up the steps. Okay?


robin andrea said...

Nice fence lizard, really beautifully camouflaged. I thought of you today when I picked up a little injured snake on the trail that had been left to die. I moved it off to the side so others wouldn't inadvertently step on it. I wondered, if you had been there, if you would have known how to nurse it back to health, or taken it to your classroom for the kids to eventually dissect.

I like the ritual of cleaning before a house full of company. Reminds me of my youth!

Darla said...

We see fence lizards from time to time here in North Florida...the males will do push ups and their bellies turn blue when trying to impress a female...(so manly)

Miz S said...

Ah, yes. The passing of the Thanksgiving baton. It's a solemn moment.

Floridacracker said...

I love kindness shown to a snake. They catch hell from so many people.
Thank you for taking the time.

I love it when they do that. I posted video here of that very thing some time ago.

Miz S,
It is and not without some stress, ... most of it related to simple house cleaning and time.

Dani said...

It's gonna be a great time at your house!!

PatzAdvoCat x's 15 > ^.. ^ said...

I just found your wonderful Blogger whilst looking up my "pallet buddy" lizard! Turns out here seems to be a fence lizard. I was quite fascinated with him, and on day 3,he was accepting grasshoppers right out of my fingers! Stilling up an ants hole drove him nuts, I discovered perchance. It is now Day 12 and I have learned he sleeps in a close pine tree and scurries to the same pallet each have say as the sun warms up a bit. He does a reversal of this path in the afternoon. Some of my friends think me quite daft, but I am very intrigued with his beauty and he has me quite snookered into bringing him lunch each day.

Patrice said...

Well, my post went in with errors, as I could not edit it, so please forgive. And the name was suppose to post as..
~PatzAdvoCat x's 15 > ^.. ^ <
Patrice Flaugh
I look forward to reading more of your stories!