Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Armadillo Chase Scene

Ahh bliss, Ahhhrmmadillo bliss that is.
Here we have the irritating exotic soil shnuzzler shnuzzling in the Pure Florida meadow.
Little does he know ... he's being stalked.

The wind shifts, the unseen predator stops in his tracks.
The Dillotente raises up for a listen and a sniff.
Is there danger afoot?
Sniff, sniff ... a tiny brain decides it was a false alarm.

("Tiny brain" refers to the armadillo, by the way not the predator ... although after the video, you may be indecisive about that point.)

Feeling confident, the 'dillo returns to his soil grubbing.

The unseen, unheard, unsniffed predator feels confident too and prepares his attack.

... which, coincidently, we have on a short video below.

No armadillos were harmed in the making of this movie.


kathy a. said...

i thought the movie would be about BEAR chasing an armadillo! having fun with the vacation, are you?

Doug Taron said...

Kathy, that's exactly what I thought, too. I'd say he looked pretty inept, except that I recently participated in an armadillo chase involving about 6 guys. FC got much closer to the 'dillo than any of us did.

Anonymous said...

Good one but I still like the one with DAvid running after the thing!
Merry Christmas to you guys!

SophieMae said...

Yep, I also expected to see Bear, til I noticed you weren't being dragged dillerward as you shushed us. And I'm sure we are all in agreement with the tag... The Boy Ain't Right, lol! Seriously, though, how in the world did you NOT catch him?! He'd make a dandy centerpiece for the Christmas table. *heheh*

Tree Hugger said...

You have way "Too Much Fun" when out of school!! Merry Christmas to You and Yours and the Folks back home!!

amarkonmywall said...

Great video! The first time I ever saw am Armadillo he was sitting right smack under the space shuttle when I took Dan, age 10, to Cape Canaveral. That was about it for 'dillos until I started working the Traveling Zoo for Lincoln Park Zoo. Barney was a real favorite with the kids. And now, of course, when ever I bother to spend some time in Florida I get to see them at the nature center, engaged in precisely this sort of comic behavior. They have such hairy tummies!

Anonymous said...

Next time you catch one....

I've eaten roasted armadillo, the haunch. Tasted like dry roast beef.

Perhaps with a datil pepper sauce?


Sandcastle Momma said...

Thanks for the chuckle! Better luck next time.
That pic of him sitting up is amazing.

Deb said...

Cool! Calvin enjoyed it with me. :)

Island Rider said...

He's kind of cute with his belly showing. The armadillo, not you.

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
Bear can not have ALL the fun.

I do get some bonus points for filming while I chased right?

Wasn't he running away from it?

I have never been hungry enough to eat armadillo or brussel sprouts.

I have to play hard in between this work gig! Same to you and all the clan! Merry Christmas!

It's hard for me to stay mad at them for very long.
Very comical critters.

They do that whenever they sense trouble. Glad you got a tickle.

If I had Calvin as my wingman we could have caught that dillo!

Cathy S,
You are probably right.

Caroline said...

Watched my bro-in-law try to chase one down in the Texas hill country. He was fast, but the armadillo was faster, and he went under the barbed wire fence. Bro-in-law did an amazing hurdling effort over the fence. Hilarious to watch. You got closer.

threecollie said...

I would really love to see what you were going to do with the dillo after you got him by the tail. And what a great series of posts this week! So much to learn about with great illustrations. Thanks!

robin andrea said...

We don't see dillos here, so it's especially cool to see that one. Love the shot with him standing up, sniffing the air. Bizarrely cool looking critter.

lisa said...

Maybe next time ;-) It would be so neat to see one of those! You have a wonderful Christmas. I also agree with threecollie!

Ericka said...

you make me laugh. what would you have done with it, had you caught it?

merry christmas and happy new year to you and yours!