Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Bear Chimes In

Hi folks,
Bear here.

FC is off early this morning to a Nerd Tournament. It's the district level tourney and his JV team actually has a chance of winning.
His varsity team is ... wishing for a miracle.

Anyhooo, he got up extra early and left in a dash today, but he left the computer thingie up and running, so I thought I would set the matter straight about who REALLY cooked the wonderful Thanksgiving turkey back in November.

Here I am checking on the bird and preparing to baste it with more whine ... (wacka, wacka...that's funny, I don't care what breed you are).

FC was out painting the doors before company arrived, so I took over the turkey cooking.
Just wanted to set the record straight.

I'm sure he will update you on how his team did, and I know he has some Cedar Key waterfowl shots to share with you, because he went off on that motorcycle without me and came back smelling like saltwater Saturday.

I think there's some backyard owl shots too, because he cut short our walk Sunday evening and shoved me in the house before dashing back outside with his camera and without me.

So, stay tuned.

In the meantime, he forgot to block off the living room with that scary gate, so I am heading for the couch.


(more dog humor, I crack me up)



Island Rider said...

You crack me up, too, Bear. The Dobermans say Merry Christmas!

threecollie said...

Good dog bear! I knew there was something fishy going on. Here's a biscuit...

Anonymous said...

I love you, bear. Id share my bed with you anytime...(if "dude" wouldnt persist to sleep there as well)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bear,

It was so nice ofyou to stand in for your papa.

I'll take a big ole' black Bear over a dead deer any day!!!


PS You've got a doggoned good sense of humor!

Sayre said...

Black labs are KNOWN for their sense of humor! They are especially fond of puns.

Good job on the turkey, Bear - it looks like it was delicious.

Dani said...

You ROCK Bear!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Sounds like you keep that place up and running Bear.
You're welcome to come cook turkey at my house anytime!

Oh, and enjoy the couch!

cndymkr / jean said...

Oh Bear, I've missed hearing from you. Your human talks about you but it just isn't the same.

Anonymous said...

Bear- I know you're afraid of the gate, but it really won't hurt you. That's just something FC and the Missus have to use against you.
See you soon, Love Lightnin

Anonymous said...

Bear, glad you are keeping your humans in tow, someone has to keep them walking the chalk line..Glad your turkey turned out delish...
leave as much hair on the couch as possible, soon they will forget it was ever theirs. Just give em a lick and say thanks human for the sofa...
Talker (the cat) sends scratches and hisses...from Lower Al.

Ericka said...

glad you're keeping your people in line, bear!

Thunder Dave said...

Too funny, you crack me up!
How about a visitor in early to mid January? Time for another inspection!

robin andrea said...

Hey Bear, not only do you cook a very good turkey, but you write very well too. I'm quite impressed.