Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Normal Vulture Post, No Poo, No Broken Windshield

When I spotted this carcass, it was covered by about two dozen vultures and one bald eagle. I pulled the JEEP off the road and parked close enough to use the JEEP as a blind. The birds all flew up and swirled overhead, but you could tell they really, really wanted to resume feeding.

Aided by a clear new windshield provided by an errant vulture and my insurance company, I sat quietly and filmed the birds as they returned to the feast.

The whining and panting you hear is Bear peering over my shoulder from the back seat as the vultures returned to the business at hand.

If you get tired of that old cliche, " When pigs fly!" you can now substitute "trees" for "pigs".

Here we see an oak about to lift off.


Darla said...

I'm so glad no vehicle was harmed in this post....

Anonymous said...

Again, I'm going to get to you before Thunder! What was it and had it been fresh would it have been good on the BBQ?

Floridacracker said...

LOL! Me too!

A deer and a hog. This was the last week of hunting season and somebody had a productive morning.
... and anything is good with BBQ sauce on it.

lisa said...

I love that last picture, a flying oak ;)

rick said...

Was surprised first time I saw a vulture asnd eagle eating together.Conductor on train said a eagle is nothing but a pretty vulture. The rr provides thousands of meals for them monthly.

robin andrea said...

That's a lot of vultures! When we drive into town, we pass by a nice farm that has llamas. A couple of weeks ago we noticed one llama down and a couple of vultures, but nothing like this crowd. One thing that surprised us was that we saw an eagle (FOR THE FIRST TIME HERE!) circling in the sky high over the carcass. That made us very happy.

Thunder Dave said...

I thought there was a pig involved!

SophieMae said...

Belated Birthday Blessings! I long since gave up on actually catching up, but I plod along. 8-}

So glad to hear Miss Sara N's evil twin was not involved in this vulture venture. Too bad the eagle didn't fall in for filming. As DS always says, 'An eagle is just a buzzard with a press agent.' (I've probably quoted this quote before.) Well, actually, he says 'vulture', coz he insists on proper nomenclature, but they've always been buzzards to me.

You are so blessed to have seen the elusive flying tree! Its sightings are rarer than the skunk ape's! And to have gotten a picture! We'll be looking for you on the cover of National G!

Today's wv: loinget

Caroline said...

I am used to seeing them effortlessly soaring over the prairie, it is kind of interesting to see them toddling around on the ground.

Ericka said...

i read caroline's comment, and now all i can think of is oak trees, soaring effortlessly over the prairie.

i've never seen oak trees toddling around either, so i must not be hanging out in the right places.

poor bear - he wanted to help!

Floridacracker said...

A rare species!

They should all be too fat to fly!

First Eagle at the new location! I know how much you love the raptors.

We are used to flying trees during hurricane season of course. Just not in the winter.

They have to stop and eat sometime I guess. Toddling... how unvulturey a word. What would they think.

Bear has an aptitude for helping.
Sometimes he's actually helpful.
It's the flying oak droppings you have to watch out for.