Wednesday, February 09, 2011

You Say Pelicans, I Say Pterodactyls


I'll have some still shots in another post.


lisa said...

Cool! I really did enjoy that!

Sayre said...

I LOVE pelicans!!!! Such amazingly graceful fliers!

amarkonmywall said...

Your videos always make me smile and smile. The addition of music actually made me laugh out loud at this one- like you're the pelican cowboy. But as much as I love the pelicans, the gophers steal my heart every time. I'm doing a RoadScholar tour tomorrow (the new name for Elder Hostel!) at Boyd Hill and I'm hoping we see more than aprons. Maybe I'll take a little video because, really, your place looks so much like our gopher terrain that it's uncanny. You would think you are on the same sandy pathway...

LauraHinNJ said...

Really, I don't know how you locals get through a day... I'm totally distracted with pelicans when on the GA/FLA coast... such crazy, fun birds.

Thunder Dave said...

Not sure what Blogger is doing now, but my comment didn't post the first time!

Looks like you're getting way too professional now! ;-)

Great soundtrack for that one! I keep saying you should have your own wildlife show! Should I consider an editing studio when I start phase 2 planning of the garage/brewery?

cuz Tina said...

LOVED IT! It even looks warm there. Its 3 below zero here.

robin andrea said...

What a great, wide-open beach you have there. And those pelicans made me miss the old days on the coast here. Pretty snazzy video, FC. Love the shadow man.

Thunder Dave said...

Oh yeah I forgot to give you the temp update here. We're not as bad as Cuz Tina, but it's noon and it's only 14F outside!

Dina said...

Now that looks like some good fishing. Great video. It makes me want to sneak out of work and head to Ft. Desoto.-

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! It is the first time I played around with YOUtube editing.

They make it look so easy.

I would love to see that video! Glad my productions produce smiles!

I hear ya. They are big, busy, beautiful dinosaurs.

I can just imagine the editing job we would do after a few of your home brews.

Cuz Tina,
Dang girl! That is just ridiculously cold.

It was actually pretty chilly so I was bundled up. It was almost low tide so the beach was about as wide as she gets. I love that spot.

It's a pretty fishy spot. Strong currents and deep water.

SophieMae said...

AbFab, Dude! Had to watch it twice. And you followed the old show biz advice, 'always leave'em wanting more'. 8-]

That's my kinda beach. Not another upright-walker to be seen.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Big production number for Floridacracker! Your joy in the athleticism and sheer astonishment of diving pelicans is infectious. I second the movement for a Pure Florida TV show. Don't know if you've ever been privileged to see Acorn, The Nature Nut ( his show on Animal Planet when my lucky kids were little), but your outlook and genius for ferreting out the best nature has to offer has much in common with John Acorn's approach. After watching only one episode I wrote him the baddest fan letter you ever saw. He wrote back and we're friends years later. Just love that guy!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Julie Z! And since Animal Planet has not offered you your own spot (yet) I'll be tuning in here more often....Big Hug to Julie for linking to you from her blog for our reading and viewing pleasure!

Kathy in Delray Beach