Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bear-iers To Critter Photography

When Bear and I walk, I sometimes bring my camera, but mostly, I know this is a waste of time ... unless I am shooting for one of those "ISN'T BEAR ADORABLY CUTE/SILLY/GOOFY/HANDSOME !" posts.

He was whining to go with me as I shut the door on his nose. Let's be clear here, he was whining before the door -nose collision.
He had thrust it out the doorway in reverse "Fuller Brush salesman" fashion and the door and the door jamb made a sorta dog muzzle sandwich.
No harm done by the way.

(Can't you hear the younger PF readers Googling "Fuller Brush" right now?"

I can go slower and quieter when not attached to 100 pounds of black lab, which is why I was able to spot and spend time with this fence lizard.
He stayed still for an unusually long time, even for a fence lizard.
At first I thought he was just chilly and needed the sunny side of this burnt stump, but then I glanced down at my feet.

At the base of the stump, a black racer (a known lizard muncher) was coiled in the early morning sun.
I have a video of me demonstrating why they are called "Racers" complete with wife scolding at the end, but it would take to long to upload here at home.
Soon come, I promise.

By the end of the video, the black racer has retreated to a perch high in my bamboo. They climb a lot better than I expected. I'm used to my rat snakes climbing like Spiderman, but this racer did some amazing acrobatics on the slender bamboo.

I continued my walk around PFHQ without Beardoggie. He would have appreciated these dogwoods in a quiet corner of the woods.

In the back of the property, an armadillo had gone to ground to avoid a predator that night. I've seen them do this when I have chased them. If they feel cornered, they will just start digging. They go just deep enough so all you see is rounded "shell" and it's pretty hard to find anything to grab. Go here to read a neat tale of armadillos by someone who LIKES them.

Near the southwest corner is the brush pile I built last year. Remember? I put an old wire cage down first as a support instead of tossing it in the landfill.

A time bomb waiting to go off.
I count among my many blessings, the fact that I just am not allergic to much of anything.
These oak flowers are going to cause a lot of people pain and aggravation in the coming weeks.
Not me.

Down by the pond, which is full of big tadpoles, the black willows are just starting to bloom.
Notice the water in the pond.
This is why I am referring to it as a pond and not, " the hole formerly known as 'POND ".

Near the garden, where I worked all day after this walk planting tomatoes and herbs, a fresh gopher (pocket not tortoise) mound was erupting.

Here is Bear, behind the Bearier, a portable table slid across the porch entrance.
He could leap it so easily, but he is afraid of gates and barriers and doesn't realize the power of his massive thigh muscles.
Notice his muzzle is all in one piece, no door damage, and rest assured that right after I laid this camera down, he and I went for a romp around the place.
In other news, I have week of spring break ahead of me.
Already Gulf of Florida events are lining up, beginning with a marine collection expedition today with Emma.
Tomorrow, I'm fishing with Denny, but it's top secret for reasons I can't say now. That post will have a waiting period, but you will eventually see it here.
Later in the week, I'm heading to Port St. Joe for a little exploration. It's just a short ride from here and it has been a long time.

Get ready, 'cause it's coming.


threecollie said...

Thanks for the lovely walk! Nice to see water in the pond and to imagine tadpoles.

Alan said...
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Suwannee said...

Love Port St. Joe. It is one of Florida's best kept secrets. I hope it stays that way!

Anonymous said...

That dog is one handsome guy! I love labs, they're so sweet :)

Love this post!